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Death and Dying .

Funeral Plan QuotesDeath and dying – someone has to start the conversation, and a conversation that can have devastating consequences if it doesn’t happen.  Don’t let people dismiss it by saying “Oh, let’s not talk about that Mum/ Dad.”

You might also want to look at the booklets on death and dying on this page, and the selection of videos below.

Death and Dying YOUR Way.

“Didn’t Want That” is a short film on the topic of death and dying, produced for the Dying Matters Coalition. It highlights the importance of making your wishes about death and dying clear: from deciding whether you wish to be resuscitated to planning your funeral.

From five death and dying situations, as a direct result of community involvement, the film conveys a powerful message.   You may not enjoy it, but you should watch it.

“a poignant resource has been created to act as a stimulus for changing the way the nation thinks about death and dying.”

I didn’t want that… choosing what you want to happen around death and dying

If it was your choice, how would you chose your death and dying to proceed? The video film shows how hard it can be for the family to make that decision on your behalf.   And it isn’t just about pre-planning the funeral.  Here we see a granddad, daughter and granddaughter struggling to cope with the process of death and dying. The video highlights the importance of discussion for all involved. To look at prepaid funerals as an aspect of death and dying, click the link.

Death and Dying:  choosing whether to be resuscitated.

When terminally ill, resuscitation may not be fully successful and may result in painful dying and death. In this scene we see a man being left with the difficult decision: should his brother should be resuscitated? Sadly his decision results in his brother not getting his death and dying life wishes.  Why? Because they were never made clear.

Death and Dying:  leaving a will

Many people are under the illusion that on your death your assets automatically go to your nearest and dearest.  Not necessarily! In this scene the effects of Intestacy – not leaving a will – and how the death and dying of a loved one can be much more upsetting, suddenly finding that “your” possessions – perhaps even your home – are not yours! This video highlights how important it is to make preparations after your death and dying to think about those left behind and what will happen to their lives if you don’t take care.

Death and Dying:  planning your funeral

The ideal funeral for one person won’t necessarily be right for another – even their spouse. Your life has been unique to you and, if left to your family and friends, your funeral could be very different from what you might have chosen. The section looks at what people might think of as a gay funeral.   Once again, it is up to you to discuss your death and dying plans – even if you do no more than nominate someone to make the decisions to avoid arguments.

Death and Dying: making preparations for your pets.

What if no one was willing to look after your much loved pets?In this section we see what happens.  Not what you would want, and something which should be a definite part of your death and dying plans.

Death and Dying – Sorting the Paperwork.

Most people idea of a sort out is to throw out any paperwork which is not current.  This can result in lots of extra work and expense for your executors.   They may be called upon to go back at least 7 years and perhaps 14 to confirm your financial activities to the Taxman.   So they may have to pay to get new copies of some of  the documents you have so thoughtfully destroyed, or face the risk of a massive fine if they miss something.   You may find this brief series of articles on death and dying helpful.




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