Dying Matters Coalition in the UK

Dying Matters Coalition.

The National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) started the Dying Matters Coalition to improve public awareness of dying, death & bereavement.  Their intention is “to support changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards death, dying and bereavement, and through this to make ‘living and dying well’ the norm”. This will involve a big change in society so that dying, death and bereavement are accepted as a normal part of everyone’s life cycle.

The lack of open discussion has needlessly worsened the quality and types of support and care services available.  And affected the ability to die as we would wish.

The Dying Matters Coalition is trying to improve this by getting people to instigate conversations so that their friends and relatives know what people want in the way of funeral plans and where they wish to die.Their website (link below) will help to give you ideas on how to start such discussions.

Talking about your dying wishes makes it more probable that folk will die as they would have wished.  It will also minimise the (strong) likelihood of family squabbles as everyone “knows” what the deceased would have wish.  But they all “know” different things!

Dying Matters Coalition

Five things to do before I die – Downloadable .pdf.


Dying Matters Coalition: One last thing – Downloadable .pdf.


Dying Matters Coalition: I could do with a chat – Downloadable .pdf


Dying Matters Coalition: Someone you know is bereaved – Downloadable .pdf.


Dying Matters Coalition: To do list – Downloadable .pdf.


Dying Matters Coalition: Remember when we… – Downloadable .pdf.


Dying Matters Coalition: Thinking of you – Downloadable .pdf.


Dying Matters Coalition: Talking to children about dying – Downloadable .pdf.


Dying Matters Coalition: Putting your house in order – Downloadable .pdf.


Dying Matters Coalition: Myth Busting – Downloadable .pdf.


Dying Matters Coalition: ‘5 Things’ Postcard Downloadable pdf.

A5 Postcard currently available


Dying Matters Coalition: Check on your neighbours this Christmas time – Downloadable pdf.

A million people over 65 will spend this Christmas alone

Dying Matters Coalition: Let’s make sure nobody dies at home alone this Christmas .Downloadable pdf

Dying Matters Coalition: ‘I wish we had spoken earlier’ Downloadable .pdf .

Dying Matters Coalition: ‘We all deserve to die well. Together we can achieve this.’ Downloadable .pdf

Dying Matters Coalition: ‘I wish we’d spoken earlier’ Downloadable .pdf.

Dying Matters Coalition: ‘Planning for dying gives you peace of mind for living’ Downloadable .pdf.

Dying Matters: ‘Making it easier for those left behind’ Downloadable .pdf.

Dying Matters Coalition Presentation.

Why don’t we talk about dying? What are the benefits when we do? How can we plan a ‘good death’ and encourage others to do the same? Use the Dying Matters presentation to inform yourself and reach out to others.

Dying Matters Coalition

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