Direct Cremation Plans Reviewed 2018

Direct Cremation Plans Reviewed.

What are Direct Cremation Plans? With a Direct Cremation Plan, the funeral director collects the deceased and that is the last the family see of them.  In some cases, not even the ashes will

direct cremation plans

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be returned, or there may be an extra cost for that. The undertaker will take the deceased to their base, which might be hundreds of miles away and will then takes them to a crematorium of the undertakers choice.  Typically for a cremation before 10 am or overnight when costs are lower.  Generally speaking, the family may not attend, though with some it is (just) a slim possibility.

Below the enquiry form, there are 10 questions on the issues surrounding whether or not direct cremation is right for you.  If you are unsure, read that page first (or have a chat with our Direct Cremation Review team on 0800 0588 240) before carrying on.  Alternatively, send us a specific enquiry using the form below, or a more general one from the one to the right.

Some Direct Cremation plans are more flexible than others, some do not offer any flexibility, so it is important to make the right choice. It is an interesting and developing market, but the plans are not all the same.  There is a definite place in the funeral plan market for them, but it is a  niche area and it is certain that some of those left behind will find it a strange and upsetting choice, especially if there is no advance warning.

But you do need our advice because the terms and conditions of the various direct cremation plans are very different, and a lot of people’s plans will create an unexpected extra bill when they are used. Our independent advice costs you nothing, all we ask is that you use our paperwork if you accept our recommendation.

Direct Funeral Plans.

The providers we have tracked down who offer prepaid direct cremation plans are, in no particular order: (do bear in mind that not all will operate in Scotland or Northern Ireland.)

Pure Cremation.

Open Funeral Plans

Safe Hands Funeral Plans.

Silver Clouds Funeral Plans.

Simplicity Funeral Plans.

Golden Leaves

Golden Charter

Capital Life


For advice on choosing the most suitable Direct Cremation plan, use the form below or just give us a call on 0800 0588 240. We will provide cost information, and a formal written recommendation and quote for the plan we believe suits your needs.

1. “I want to feel in control of my own funeral.” (Any prepaid funeral plan helps there – it doesn’t need to be a direct cremation).

2. “I want my friends and family to be free to remember me in their own way, at a time and place of their own choosing.”  But will they be happy with the choice being mine not theirs?

3. “I don’t want my family to be burdened with excessive funeral costs.”  Again, any prepaid funeral plan helps there.

4. “I want to make sure there are no arguments over my funeral when I’m not there to settle them.”  OK, fair point – but will they blame you or each other if they don’t agree with you? Passions run very high when people die, and lashing out is common.

5. “I don’t want my family to feel obligated to spend more on a funeral than they can afford or more than I would want them to spend.”  Again, any prepaid funeral plan helps there.

6. “Some of my family don’t get on with each other, for that reason I don’t want any fuss around my funeral.”  We’re not sure whether it will prevent the fuss or make it worse!

7. “I don’t have any close family and most of my friends have passed away.”  This may well be a good reason for using a direct cremation plan, or if family live thousands of miles away and it would cost a fortune for them to attend AND they understand.

8. “I believe the physical disposal of my body can be kept separate from a Memorial Service.” Sound sentiments if family and friends understand.

9. “I want a funeral with no frills and no expensive extras.”  But funerals are rarely about the wishes of the deceased! They are there for the living to mourn and celebrate your life.

10. “I lived my life as simply and honestly as I could and I want my funeral to reflect that.” See our response to 9. above.