Empathy Direct Cremation Plan – No Ceremony Funerals 2022

Empathy Direct Cremation Plan No CeremonyMay 2022 Empathy has withdrawn its application for Regulation by the FCA and will be unable to trade after July 2022 unless an acceptable new3 application is submitted.  I have asked them to keep me updated.

The Empathy Direct Cremation plan offers a few minor tweaks over what some others provide in their cremation with no service plans. These include a social media website for tributes and some “Thank You” cards presumably to reply to letters of condolence or for flowers sent to your home.

The cost (at £1900) is rather more than the current “best buy”

The Empathy Direct Cremation Plan includes:

  • Confidential advice and guidance on all aspects.
  • Guidance on the registration of the death and collection of all necessary paperwork for the funeral to proceed.
  • Care and preparation of the deceased. 24 hour transport of the deceased to the Funeral Directors premises within a 25 mile radius, excluding ferry or air fares. We assume they mean that a local funeral director will initially collect the deceased before the direct cremation vehicle collects the deceased for cremation elsewhere.
  • Basic coffin for cremation.
  • Transport of the deceased to the crematorium.
  • Flexible plans, if you move home your plan moves with you, at no extra cost.
  • Nationwide network of trusted Funeral Directors.
  • Cremation fee (at local rates). But the cremation will NOT be local and there is no facility for the family to attend.
  • Return of ashes to a designated individual.

Empathy are not especially sympathetic if you die early and are paying by instalments, so these are best avoided with them.  If you die after less than 75% of the payments have been made, you get your money back less a cancellation charge. If more than 75% has been paid, provide the family pay the balance of any outstanding contributions BEFORE the funeral, it will be paid for, but if they don’t, it is treated as a cancellation.  Not ideal.

Potentially, payment holidays can be agreed, but prolonged ones will result in the plan price and instalments being rebased to the then current price (it’s a bit complicated!)

The Empathy Direct Cremation Plan is not one we would especially recommend.  Paid in one go it is expensive, paid in instalments we just don’t like the terms and conditionss.

If you are looking for a direct cremation plan, feel free to give the Prepaid Funeral Review Research Team a call on 0800 0588 240 or fill in the form below: