Golden Charter Direct Cremation Plans Reviewed 2019

The Basic Plan from Golden Charter is their no ceremony plan. It offers a simple and dignified cremation with, as do all of this type. They are a no fuss, lower cost alternative to a traditional funeral.

The Golden Charter Direct Cremation (Basic Plan)  makes arrangements for a dignified, direct cremation without a funeral procession or funeral service. This type of plan is becoming more popular with customers who don’t want a traditional funeral service, but who do want to make their wishes known but minimise the cost.                                          Back to Index of No Ceremony Plans

The Golden Charter Direct Basic Plan could be the perfect option (they say!) if you want to keep costs low and pre-pay for cremation without a funeral ceremony. As well as the provision of professional services and making all arrangement including care of the deceased, the Golden Charter Direct Cremation plan also provides a £500 allowance towards third party costs such as the fees at the crematorium. Your cremation arrangements will be carried out with the utmost respect by a local funeral director.

The Golden Charter Direct Cremation plan does not include a funeral service, funeral procession from home to crematorium, limousines or family viewing and the funeral director chooses the time, date and location of the cremation.

**Additional costs relating to the return of ashes may be payable at the time of death. The Golden Charter Direct plan is not fully guaranteed, similar to most others of this type.  That doesn’t mean that the non-guranteed type is bad, but is is a significant issue when we at the Prepaid Funeral Review are making out recommendations.

What the Golden Charter Direct Cremation plan includes:

  • Provision of professional services and making all arrangements.
  • Advice on the certification and registration of the death and related documentation.
  • A suitable coffin, selected by the funeral director.
  • Collection and transportation of the deceased to a resting place within a 25 mile radius (transfer within working hours in a suitable vehicle which may not be a hearse.)
  • Care of the deceased (excluding embalming).
  • Ashes collection – to be collected directly from the crematorium or funeral director**
  • Allowance of £500 towards third party costs such as the crematorium fees etc.