Memoria Direct Cremation aka Low Cost Funerals Reviewed 2019

What is included in Prepaid Memoria Direct Cremation Plans? 


Memoria Funerals

Low Cost Funeral Plans

The Memoria Direct Cremation Plan is for cremation only and does not include a service. As with all prepaid plans, the cost can be spread over monthly payments or paid as a lump sum.  If you want to know which is the “best buy” and get independent advie (free) call the Prepaid Funeral Review team on 0800 0588 240.)  If you want a service at the time, or a burial, this plan is unsuitable. Call us or browse the pages under the heading REVIEWS above. Or to learn more about types of plans, visit this page.

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The Memoria Direct Cremation Plan includes:

  • collection of the deceased in a suitable vehicle.
  • A standard coffin.
  • All third-party costs with the exception of Doctors Fees (Doctors Fees are not required in all cases).
  • The cremated remains will be supplied in suitable packaging to be collected from the facility, giving you the freedom to commemorate your loved one however you choose
  • Carried out at one of their crematoria.
  • Collection of the deceased.
  • Fixed price.
  • NO Funeral Service.
  • Attendance – no mourners may attend.

Memoria Direct Cremation Option £1,490 Or, from £8.82 per month as at October 2019 (contact the Prepaid Funeral Review on 0800 0588 240 for current prices and recommendations.)  

Why Choose a Memoria Direct Cremation Plan?

  • Affordable quality funeral services to suit your preference
  • Nationwide coverage through their crematoria.
  • Over 90 years of funeral service experience.
  • Help and advice with making funeral arrangements.
  • Completely transparent fixed prices.
  • 5-star standards of service and facility (at their sites) guaranteed