Prepaid Direct Cremation Plans – What’s Included?

Prepaid Direct Cremation Plans What Is Included?

What does a prepaid direct cremation plan include?

Prepaid direct plans are becoming more popular.  They are still a small proportion of the whole prepaid funeral plan market.  Not least because there isn’t as much profit in selling them!

Prepaid direct cremations plan puts aside some of your cash now so that your family are not faced with a big bill, perhaps at an inevitably difficult time.  Why bother? Because funeral costs have been rising far faster than inflation for many years.

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What do Prepaid Direct Cremation Plans include?

There are many elements that make up prepaid plan:

  • The Funeral Directors services are normally covered and guaranteed – but that is just part of the cost of a funeral.  The cost to the funeral director is kept down by the ability to arrange the cremation when it suits them.  There is also no need to prepare the deceased for viewing, as it not available once the deceased has been collected.
  • However, many plans do not fully cover the collection unless it is from a hospital.
  • The cost of a basic coffin is covered, as is transport to the crematorium chosen by the funeral director.
  • The fees charged by the crematorium are normally covered – but not always guaranteed.  The crematorium may also charge extra to spread the ashes in their memorial gardens if that is your wish.  With prepaid direct cremation funeral plans, as with normal plans, it is not usually possible to have any family at the cremation, which is a large part of the reason the costs are lower.  The cremation will take place at a time when the crematorium is normally closed to the public.
  • The doctor’s fees are usually included but not always guaranteed.  Except in Scotland, a second doctor has to be paid to certify death unless the Coroner gets involved in which case there is no charge.

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