Pure Cremation Funeral Plan Reviews 2021: How Does their Plan Compare?

Pure Cremation

Pure Cremation Funeral Plans – A New Approach.  Good or bad? Pure is a very specialist firm,  they offer a single type of funeral plan – a direct cremation plan.  As a dedicated direct cremation company, they don’t have so many local distractions as others who try to offer the full range of plans. Now, this sort of plan is not for everyone, as direct cremation does what it says on the tin.  You die, they take you away and cremate you, often Funeral Plans are not all the samehundreds of miles away.   Pretty much no possibility of any family involvement. (There are minor exceptions with some direct to crematorium plans, but it is best to think of a direct cremation plan in this way to avoid later distress.) Interestingly, there is now lots of competition in this market, so our advice is essential for peace of mind.

The current pandemic has forced people to move towards simple no-frills no service direct cremation, and that has certainly been to Pure’s benefit.

Download the Pure Cremation Ltd brochure part 1 and part 2.  Both are PDF documents. Or ask them to send a brochure using the form below (takes longer) – don’t forget to claim your voucher if you go ahead with our recommendation, but you must make it clear to Pure that we introduced you.

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

All that said, Pure Cremation Funeral Plans are a positive twist on some of the older plans, and any improvement is always a good thing.  They are well aware that this is a niche market, and they want to set out their stall as the best in the niche. Here is a link to a copy of their information pack.  Or the form below where you can ask for a brochure by post or even book a funeral if it is too late for a  prepaid plan.

The review is very positive, and subsequent discussions show that they are and will remain a major player in this niche market – but there are many others, to consider as well – you can start your own research here or contact us and save the time!

A direct cremation is a funeral without a service and without any mourners being present. It is growing in popularity as an alternative to a traditional funeral, especially after David Bowie and Anita Brookner chose to have a direct cremation.

But is Pure Cremation or any Direct Cremation Plan right fPure Cremation Plans are FPA registeredor you and yours?

The best way to find out is to look at the checklist and if you and your family and friends agree with more than half the statements, a direct cremation might be the right choice for you. At the Prepaid Funeral Review, we do support Direct Cremation plans such as the Pure Cremations plan, as long as family and friends are aware in advance and support your decision. Funerals are not for the dead, they are for the living, in our opinion.

Direct cremation plans such as the Pure Plan are a small part of the overall funeral plan market. Provided they are sold correctly, and the right people are aware of the plan, they are great ways of saving money. Our Pure Cremation review is positive, but do speak to us as other plans also have good reviews and just could be better suited.

More Information on Pure Cremation Plans:

Direct Cremation Plan Checklist.

  • No family viewing once collected.
  • Deceased collected in a smart vehicle, not a hearse.
  • No family attendance at the crematorium.
  • Some charge extra for the return of ashes.
  • Ashes could be buried later, but not part of the plan.
  • Not always possible to change the type of plan later, and never after collection.
  • Nothing to stop the family holding their own ceremony, but the deceased will not be physically present, except maybe as ashes.
  • The cheapest form of funeral plan.
  • Always warn family and friends in advance!

This is how Pure Cremation see themselves: “Our Trustees choose the most ethically managed investments available as well as taking a cautious approach to looking after plan holders’ funds. PLUS we will always be fair. So if a plan holder was unfortunate enough to die 3 years after taking out a 5-year payment plan, then the family will only be asked for the difference between what’s already been paid and the total.

The Pure Cremation Funeral Plan costs £1,595.

There is a companion plan with monthly payments, but paying upfront is always best if you can afford it – it is not as if your savings are earning much interest at present!

How do Pure Cremation Ltds’ values apply?

1. By caring for the people who care for you.

  • National Living Wage is our benchmark for staff.
  • Paid rest time and speed-limited vehicles help to keep our drivers alert and safe as well as protecting other road users.
  • Proper communications in vehicles so calls can be taken both safely and legally.

2. By managing our carbon footprint.

  •  The greenest coffins we could find – solid, natural pine from managed forests.
  • Logistics are planned as efficiently as possible to minimise fuel consumption.
  • By recycling as much paper, plastic and card as possible.

3. By putting your needs first.

With just the one opportunity to get a farewell right, it is vital that we carefully check everyone we advise understands what we at Pure do and DON’T offer. We have no hesitation in recommending a more traditional service if this better suits their needs.

Pure Cremation Ltd, The Crematorium, Charlton Park, Hatherden Rd, Andover SP11 0TA

Pure Cremation companies house details. They became a limited company on 27th July 2015.

Pure Creation Direct Cremation Plans Reviewed.

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