Silver Clouds Direct Cremation Plan Reviewed May 2022

The Silver Clouds Direct Cremation Plan is known as the Bronze.
What does the funeral plan cover?  
KEY FEATURES  £1,850 inclusive of 3rd party charges as at October 2019.  This dignified service allows for a cremation only with no mourners.

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Silver Clouds Direct Cremation plan includes:

  • Funeral Director’s Professional Services and Advice
  • Collection of the Deceased*
  • Care of the Deceased in the Funeral Home
  • Simple Coffin
  • Transportation to our chosen Crematorium
  • Funeral Directors Attendance
  • Cremation Fees
  • Return of the Cremated Remains

*Collection of the deceased in the UK is normally restricted to a 40-mile radius, extra charges may apply if greater

One benefit which Silver Clouds Direct Cremation plan has is the ability to spread the cost over up to 3 years interest-free, based on a £250 deposit

Payments are available over longer terms (with added processing fee)

Disbursements which are also known as 3rd party charges are the costs to a funeral director that are outside of the funeral directors control. These disbursements would cover other costs such as the cremation fees or the cost of a burial and ministers fees. Silver Clouds Funeral Plans cover these fees within this plan. Silver Clouds Funeral Plans with the exception of the Silver plan include enough to pay all disbursement fees.

Silver Clouds Direct Cremation Plans contain an allowance to cover 3rd party fees. This allowance rises annually at least in line with RPI. There may be a balance to pay at the time of need if the 3rd party fees payable by the funeral director on your behalf when you die, exceed the allowance in your plan plus uplift at that time