Discount on Funeral Plans

40% Discount on Funeral Plans

40% discount on funeral plans is actually pretty modest discount.  Many families will actually get a 100% discount on funeral plans, according to the Daily Telegraph on 3rd August 2012.

Clearly, there is more to it than that!  A 40% discount on funeral plans would put all funeral plan providers out of business.  So how about a 100% discount?  Impossible?  No, it really will happen for many families!

How to get 100% discount on Funeral Plans.

First, you have to buy your funeral plan at the full price. Sorry!  But then…

Many hundreds of thousands of people will spend a portion of their lives in long term care.  The rules (Charging for Residential Accommodation Guidelines – CRAG Regulations) mean that Local Authorities won’t pay for care until you have spent practically all of your money.  They won’t pay for all of it until you have just £14,000 odd left.   So if you spent £2,000 on a prepaid funeral plan a few years before, your family wouldn’t actually lose anything at all.  In fact they would gain, because the cost of the funeral wouldn’t need to come out of what you had left.  So maybe you get more than 100% discount on funeral plans!

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How to get 40% discount on a Funeral Plan.

These days, Inheritance Tax is very much a tax on Middle England rather than the rich, who don’t even need my book on Inheritance Tax Secrets – see to the right.  They just throw bucket loads of money at professional advisers to save 40% Inheritance Tax.  But for us more ordinary folk, Inheritance Tax bites at 40% over just £325,000 for a single person and £650,000 for a couple with proper Last Wills.

So if you pay £3,000 for a nice funeral plan, you can take some comfort in the fact that the net cost to your family may be just £1,800 – a 40% discount on funeral plans.


Discount on Funeral Plans.