Doctors Fees for Cremation

Excessive Doctors Fees for Cremation?

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

The National Federation of Funeral Directors seem to think that the £80 (now £82) plus expenses paid to (two) doctors to certify death before a cremation is too generous.  Here at the Prepaid Funeral Review, we think that anything which reduces the cost of funerals has to be welcomed. Though we do quite like the idea of making it less likely that you will be murdered by a doctor, which is why the original requirement for a second signature came in.

This is what the NFFD had to say: “Currently, Doctor’s fee’s IAW the BMA are set at £80 (plus mileage) for certification of Cremation forms.

This price, according to the BMA has been agreed upon between the BMA and NAFD, SAIF and Co-operative Funeral Care.

They do say that, when working with funeral directors who are not members of the above 3, Doctors can negotiate their own fees. With that in mind, We at NFFD are committed to working to REDUCE the cost of these fees in order to further protect the consumer.

Whilst we agree that all businesses (Doctors included) should reserve the right to make a profit, we don’t see the current figures, which are again due to rise, are representative of the work involved and therefore will this week be lodging our petition to BMA and GMC to reduce the cost for all “fair price charter members” –

Currently, the feedback we have had from the medical community has been a positive one and we are hopeful of a positive outcome .

Just like the funeral industry prices, those charged by doctors who, incidentally, are not employed by the NHS, follow no official government pricing structure. There is however a guideline that most doctors follow for ease. This can easily be reduced to support those in need.”

It is, as they say, an interesting time in the funeral plan market with the National Federation of Funeral Directors and Safe Hands funeral plans giving what has been a fairly sleepy market with little evolution a good old fashioned stir!  We have already observed other plays in the market adopting some of the strategies which the NFFD and Safe Hands have brought into the market.

More competition means wider choice and better value, especially if you work with our industry leading experts to get the funeral plan which really is best for your needs, and don’t rely on the advice of tied sales people. Fingers crossed that doctors fees for cremation may be the first step in at least slowing the rapidly increasing cost of funerals.