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We understand that not everyone can afford to invest in a prepaid funeral plan, so here is our contribution to those who can’t – our Free Guide to Planning Your Own Funeral.  Come to that, you could use the Guide to pre-organise funerals for sick friends or elderly family members funerals – in advance, with everyone agreeing (as far as possible and including the one you are planning for) without the added pressure of grief.

Experience shows that being prepared, age and cash situation don’t necessarily have anything to do with when the grim reaper choses to appear, so planning ahead will at the very least relieve some of the pain which is inevitable when someone dies.

Best thing of course is to plan it yourself and just tell everyone what your plan is and where it is kept.  And be wary of adding in extras as some of them are VERY expensive.  At least if you plan it, your executors (they will be in charge) won’t get too much stick for following your instructions.

So let’s make it clear, we are talking here about pre PLANNING not pre PAYING (which is great, if you can afford it – you are welcome to ask for more information if you want to at least see if you could afford to prepay, perhaps over a few years.  But you don’t need too.)

The very worst thing at funerals is the “I know what he wanted and it wasn’t this” brigade – it doesn’t matter what the executors do, their will be some who know better, and they can be very upsetting.  Indeed, vilence is not uncommon at funeral, so why not do everything you can to keep the peace by downloading our entirely FREE Funeral Planning form.   We won’t bother you any more, unless you ask us to supply information on prepaid plans.

Some of the things which happen without planning are:

  1. The person giving the eulogy (talking about your life) knows nothing about you – so why not leave some notes, maybe even a funny incident, at least something to make people smile.
  2. People spending a fortune on flowers you hated, or maybe you would have preferred your favourite charity to benefit?
  3. Do you want a religious service (which type?) or even no service or perhaps a family party later on or both?
  4. Cremation or burial (which can be very expensive in some areas)?
  5. Guilty relatives wildly overspend! Or they go the other way and try to get the Local Council to pay for a Paupers Funeral/

For those with funds, here are some methods of prepaying:

  1. Bank or building society account – in real terms, the value will shrink every year, but your executors can usually get the bank to pay the undertakers bill, as long as it is sent to them direct and there is enough money of course. As funeral directors like to be paid in advance, this can be a little stressful for the executors.
  2. Life Insurance Policies – typically “Over 50s Insurance.”  We hate these as you can lose every penny if a few instalments are missed, and the amount payable is normally fixed donkeys years in advance when it would have paid for a funeral.  But not now.  Typically, they ask you to cough up more money every few years to increase the death benefit.

Free Funeral Plan Free Funeral Planning Guide is a godsend in planning that day.

Our free funeral planner is designed to help people who wish to plan ahead, as well as at the point of need. A funeral planned in advance gives clear guidelines to those left behind to avoid clashes of opinion.  These can be VERY heated and split families when someone dies and two or more family members – with the best of intentions – think they know exactly what you would have wanted!  They will probably both be wrong, so why not give them some advance guidance?

We hope that our free funeral planner will help you to clarify your thoughts on what you would prefer.  A lot of it comes down to cost and availability these days, as well as issues caused by people thinking there is a family burial plot – and issue we cover in the booklet.

As you will appreciate, we would like you to come back to use for free advice on choosing a prepaid funeral plan, so we will remind you by email of that idea occasionally, but you can stop those emails with a mouseclick, and we won’t have your details to call you if you use the form below, as opposed to the one to the right.

Some of the topics our free funeral planning guide covers are:

Type of ceremony – religious or non religious – Catholic, Church of England, Muslim, Hindu , Humanist, Quaker etc.  Anyone in particular you would like to conduct the ceremony.

Burial or cremation

Will the burial plot actually be able to be used – often families find they can’t, at the last minute.

Contact details of the relevant people

Musical requests

Flowers or charity

Prepaid funeral plan details and contacts if you have one.

Details of your executors and location of important documents.

Plus quite a few more and a Guide to some of the things which may trip up you or your family and executors along the way.

Our Free Funeral Planner can save your family from Debt.

In our opinion, families are often guilt-tripped into spending thousands of pounds more on a funeral than the deceased would every have wished.  Were you aware that funerals were the biggest items credit cards are used for?  Giving the family a clear idea of what you would have wished could save them from unaffordable debt.  Pre-paying is even better as long as you get the right advice on choice of plan (hint!!)

When you get your copy of the free funeral planning guide, do feedback to us anything you think could be usefully added to the master copy for the benefit of other people – we want to make it as useful as possible.

Just pop your email address below, click the link in the email and the funeral planning guide will be with you, usuallly in moments as it is automatic.

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