Eco-Friendly Funerals

Eco-Friendly Funerals: Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

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By Lee Power

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Funeral Plan Quotes

People are choosing to live an eco-friendly or green life, so it comes as no surprise that they choose to have an eco-friendly or green funeral. An eco friendly funeral may be the deceased’s choice or the bereaved family may take their own initiative. a green funeral ensures that the body decomposes naturally and completely and it becomes one with nature. This adheres to the adage “ashes to ashes and dust to dust”. Some people may think of it as a new age fad, but in fact, it is returning to age-old practices that our ancestors practiced.

If you would like to plan an eco-friendly or green funeral, you will need to locate a funeral home that offers green funerals as part of their services. They may be specialists or a green funeral may be among the different services they offer. There are a number of green funeral homes in the country. They offer complete services as well as a burial in the woodlands. This would mean that no separate place is marked out as a cemetery. Instead, the body is buried in natural environment, with local trees and green vegetation around it.

An eco-friendly or green funeral turns out much less inexpensive when compared to the now traditional funerals. One of the first aspects of a green funeral is that the body is not embalmed. This ensures that no toxic chemicals used during the embalming process are let into the sewers. The next step is to choose an only wood or cardboard casket that will decompose completely with time. The eco-friendly caskets do not have any metal parts. Some families may also decide to bury the body without the casket, with only a shroud to cover the body. The next step would be to avoid a vault so that the casket and its contents decompose naturally with time.

A woodland burial is a complete eco-friendly or green funeral. In most incidents, a sapling is planted to mark the hand-dug grave that is slowly taken over by the natural vegetation around. You may opt for a simple headstone if you wish to.

If you’re searching for a more eco-friendly method to arrange for the management of your remains after passing away, think about the following five alternatives:


  • Bios Urn: While using the remains of cremation and thus not actually eco-friendly, Bios Urns enable ashes to be combined with the pre-packed earth of a ready-to-plant tree or shrub seedling.
  • Alkaline hydrolysis: This procedure may seem a bit industrialized and consequently environmentally damaging, however, it is in reality probably the most environmentally-friendly answer to dealing with human remains to be developed. Quite simply a person’s remains are immersed in a tank of chemical substances which break down tissue very quickly and change bone tissue into a floury compound.
  • Corpse-eating mushrooms: Fungus grows on rotting organic substance, making it a perfect solution as a way to naturally eliminate human is still.
  • Green burials: The conventional burial isn’t necessarily harmful to the natural environment, it’s only the additions we have created like complex embalming procedures and “secured” burial containers. By choosing a more naturally degradable casket and requiring that morticians stay away from embalming in favor of other possibilities, you may still have a “traditional” burial with out it becoming bad for the environment.
  • Donate to science: No matter if for use by a school of medicine or even for observation at a human body farm, giving one’s body to scientific research isn’t just environmentally friendly.

Living an eco-friendly life implies needing to take into account the environmental effects of how we deal with dying. If you are seriously interested in learning to be an eco-friendly person, then you should think about environmentally safer options to conventional methods of dealing with human remains by visiting Funeral Blues – a store dedicated to helping you choose!

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