FAQ – Funeral Plan Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: “Is My Money SAFE?”

If you make your payment direct to the funeral plan company, and not to a third party, then all should be well PROVIDED that the provider is UK based and consequently subject to UK Regulations of one sort or another.”

FAQ: “Is it safe to buy over the phone?”

“We believe it is unwise to make any payments in response to cold calls. You should establish who you are really talking too, and even then only pay by cheque made out to the Funeral Plan Provider or by credit card. You can’t read the small print until you have it, and that is vital before making a decision. This may be harsh, but there are too many ways of taking advantage!”

FAQ: “Should I only deal with Funeral Planning Authority regulated companies?”,

“We believe that FPA Regulation is certainly a useful guide, but just because a company is not a member, that doesn’t make it a bad company

FAQ:  “I am thinking of buying an XYZ Funeral Plan – what do you think of them?”

“We are careful not to point out Best Buys on our site because there are too many factors to take into account, but we will happily advise you if we believe there is a more suitable plan than the one you are considering. But we would ask you to do this BEFORE you pay a deposit or sign on the dotted line. Use the form to the right or give us a call.”

FAQ: “Can I get my money back if I change my mind?”,

“There is a cooling off period with all the firms we are aware of, but it ranges from 7 days to 30 days, and if you are a day late, there will usually be a significant penalty. If you were paying on instalments you will probably find the penalty eats up what you have paid for some time. Don’t buy a plan if you are not sure you can afford it! But the unexpected happens, so always ring the company up to explain the situation and they may be able to help”

FAQ: “Should I consider Over 50s Insurance rather than a Funeral Plan? They seem to do the same thing don’t they?

Far from it! The terminology is very confusing and two plans which sound very similar can be totally different in real life.  Most insurance based Over 50s plans are based on non profit whole of life policies which have two MAJOR problems:

  1. The death benefit stays the same no matter how much the cost of the funeral rises – unless you keep taking out additional policies every few years – at increasing cost.
  2. This type of policy has NO CASH VALUE AT ANY TIME. That means that once you have missed a couple of payments, every penny is lost.  When is that likely to happen? When you are getting old and nearer to your “sell by” date!
  3. AVOID even if they promise to give back any overpayments!!!

FAQ: “Do you charge for your services?”

No, we do not, but we don’t hide the fact that we get paid a commission by most companies.  In 99% of cases we are able to find some way of providing additional benefits to our clients over and above what they would have paid direct.