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Donate your body to Science for Free Funerals.

Free funerals are hard to come by and we were intrigued by an article elsewhere.  Free funerals are apparently available from some medical schools, but others will return the body later for your  family to bury.

Free Funerals?  Check first!

If the only reason for donating your body is the prospect of  free funerals, you wouldn’t want to come unstuck and land your family with a major upset and bill a couple of years after you had died.   Doesn’t really bear thinking about!   You need to check with the medical school concerned what their arrangements are.   Medical schools do not accept all donated bodies, and they are really only looking for local ones, as otherwise the cost of transport can be substantial, unless your estate bears it.  In can end up being a costly free funeral.

How to donate your body for anatomical examination.

Under the Human Tissue Act 2004, written and witnessed consent for anatomical examination must be given by you; consent cannot be given by anyone else after your death. A formal consent form can be obtained from your nearest medical school and a copy should be kept with your Will. You make certain that your family, close friends and GP are aware that you wish to donate your body: it can come as rather a shock that there is to be no conventional funeral.   While you are doing this, do confirm when where and how your free funeral will be carried out – and double check that it is a free funeral.

Which Medical Schools offer Free Funerals?

There is a PDF list of medical schools on this page (click the free funerals link immediately below) – you will need to ask about free funerals as policy may vary from time to time.   The one thing you can be sure of is that your body will be used to benefit future generations of doctors and the general population.   But please do make sure that your family are fully aware and understand your wishes.

For a more conventional prepaid funeral plan, not a free funerals, click the link.


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