Funeral Charges Up 56% at Church of England

Churches of England Funeral Charges Up 56%.

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

We have today learned that the Church of England is put funeral charges up 56%.   This will add to the continuing above inflation increases in funeral charges.   Though a church service is not an part of all funerals. Nor is it necessarily specifically covered by prepaid funeral plans.  However, this sort of vast increase can only make it even more important to organise a prepaid funeral plan at the earliest possible time.  That may mean sharing it with your partner, on the basis that the first to die uses the plan.  This is a really useful feature of some plans which greatly simplifies planning for couples who can’t afford to but two prepaid funeral plans at the same time.  It gives them the option of staying with just one, or of buying a second plan (albeit at a higher price) later on.

Most prepaid funeral plans offer an instalment option, typically over 12 to 60 months which can ease the burden.  And if you can afford to pay a deposit, that will reduce the monthly payments too.

All the prepaid funeral plan providers we deal with put your contributions (after admin fees) into a special Trust Fund.  This is run under strict supervision and regularly audited to ensure your cash is protected.  If you have chosen a specific undertaker under one of the prepaid funeral plans we recommend, and the undertaker goes bankrupt, your funeral savings are not affected.  They are in the separate Trust Fund and NOT part of the funeral directors assets.  His creditors have no rights over them.   This is a crucial protection which has not always been available.  In some countries there are regular scandals as individual funeral directors set up prepayment plans and promptly spend them!   It is vitally important to choose a prepaid funeral plan with properly audited Trust Fund arrangements in place.

So why not download our enquiry form today, so we can help you to arrange a nice secure prepaid funeral plan which fits your wishes and your pocket and is secure too?

Churches Funeral Charges up 56%.

Here is the BBC article on the Churches Funeral Charges Up 56%.

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