Funeral Payment Plans

Funeral payment plans are offered by a wide variety of UK firms. They range from funeral directors seeking to tie you in to using them to major European insurance companies. By and large we’re not fans of using life insurance to pay for funerals, but into we go that elsewhere on the site.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Having payment plans in place for a funeral makes real sense, as they can make such a difference to the stress which is inevitable with a death. And that is why we exist, to help people chose the most suitable funeral expenses payment plan for you (as long as you are planning in advance – we are not loan brokers!!

Payment plans for a funeral – if arranged well in advance – can spread the cost over as long as ten years. Leave it until you die, and the cost will be FAR higher, and your family will be asked to make full payment before the funeral. That means finding thousands of pounds at very short notice, which the average family can’t do, which just makes things worse.

In an ideal world, you would transfer some of your savings into a one off funeral payment plan. If you can’t afford the whole amount in one go, the rest of the payment plan can be paid interest free over 12 months with many firms.   Interest will add to the cost over longer periods, but they should still be a great deal cheaper than waiting until you have saved the full cost. With funeral inflation, you may never be able to do so, so it is best to freeze the cost at today’s prices.   It would probably be twice as expensive 10 years down the road.