Funeral Plan Bonus

Here at the Prepaid Funeral Review, our team is not satisfied with JUST getting you the best value funeral plan our researchers can find for you, without employing any salespeople or hard sell. Effectively the package we have come up with could save the cost of your funeral plans 50 times over – that is what we call a massive discount!

We have put together a great bonus package – sadly some of it only applying to England and Wales (But Scots and NI folk still get great advice on funeral plans, and they can send the vouchers over the border!) Clealry, these bonuses are ONLY available where you accept our independent recommendation and we get paid!

Funeral plans are usually about Peace of Mind, so we have looked at services which will help:

Funeral Plan Bonus 1

FREE Legal Planning Review – we have commissioned experts to offer a review of your planning in terms of Wills, Powers of Attorney and general guidance on IHT and Asset Protection.

Funeral Plan Bonus 2

£100 to £400 Legal Planning Vouchers towards implementing some of the recommendations through them. The amount per plan is typically £200, but (for example) direct cremations it is £100. These vouchers are often used to update Wills and organise Lasting Powers of Attorney, a vital and neglected area of legal planning.

Funeral Plan Bonus 3

£500 discount on specialist planning for homeowners which could save ordinary folk as much as their home is worth or even more.

Funeral Plan Bonus 4

For those clients who wish to (and buy a plan through our independent recommendation) have the opportunity to have your funeral service preplanned so it truly reflects their spirit and wishes.  Such planning removes another obstacle to a smooth and cordial departure. Commonly, everyone thinks they know what you would have wanted, and they all disagree.  This is a professionally written package – and it is free, but only where you use the forms we send you so we get paid and can afford to help.

Contact us for details.