Rest Assured Funeral Trust

Rest Assured Funeral Plans are new to the market and we are currently reviewing their plans and exploring their finances, so there will be more to report in a few days time!

Rest Assured Funeral PlansThe Rest Assured Elm Plan.

So far, we know that they have a basic plan covering the funeral directors fees only (so the family would need to find the full third-party costs at the time of death). Most firms offer a similar plan, so that is not a criticism, it is just that you need to properly understand what you are buying. Cost is reasonable.

The Rest Assured Oak Plan.

This adds a slightly posher coffin and an allowance for third party costs such as the crematorium or interment (digging and backfilling the grave) fee, doctor and minister/ celebrant.

The Rest Assured Cedar Funeral Plan.

Adds a limousine for the family.

The Rest Assured Mahogany Funeral Plan.

Adds a second limousine and an oak veneered coffin (they seem to have got the names a bit confused!!)

We are pleased to see that the Rest Assured Trust is entirely independent of the Funeral Plan sales company, with no shared directors. Not all providers ensure this independence.