Funeral Plan Comparisons: The Good, The Bad and …..

Funeral Plan Comparisons.

Comparing Funeral Plan is our job.  We want our clients to get the best possible value for money from across the market.  When we analyse the plans and find the best one for your pocket and wishes.  Avoiding the traps! – personalised to your wishes.  Funeral plans really are far from being comparable without expert advise.  Don’t be bamboozled by there clever sales spiel! You can call us on 0800 0588 240 or use our contact page.  Please do not think that it is all about comparing funeral plan prices.  There is much more to it than that.

funeral plans comparisons
Compare funeral plans

Many funeral plan comparison sites offer to compare the plans of just one provider, thought it isn’t always obvious unless you look very carefully at their sites. So they are going to sell you – their OWN funeral plan!!   Contact 20 funeral plan firms, and every one of them will have the very best plan for you, from their own range, which may be quite the wrong one for you – but they don’t have anything else.  We offer:

INDEPENDENT Funeral Plan Comparisons.

Is that going to be best for you?

Funeral Plan Quotes
         Funeral Plan Quotes

Of course it is!  No one funeral plan is most suitable for everyone, so independent funeral plan comparisons are an invaluable resource which will benefit both you and those left behind.   If you want straight talking – we can compare funeral plans specifically for every individual client.  We keep up to date with special features, terms, with prices and price rises.  We also ask for feedback on the performance of each funeral plan company.    All that takes time.

How much do Independent Funeral Plan Comparisons Cost?

They don’t cost you anything, but it does cost us time and money so:

  1. We ask that you don’t ask for your independent funeral plans comparisons until you are ready to buy a funeral plan. We do have a list of people who are not quite ready, so you can always asked to be added to that so we can remind you in a few months or years, and maybe the time will be right then.  Though the cost will almost certainly be more, which is why many of our clients make use of the interest free installment options.
  2. If you take our advice, and only if you do, we ask you take out your funeral plan through us.  In the unlikely event that you can buy the plan cheaper elsewhere, please give us the opportunity to match that price.

Hopefully you will agree that that is fair, and contact us when you are ready.

Funeral Plan Comparisons – Feedback invited.

Your would be surprised at some of the feedback we get, and there are a couple of funeral plans our funeral plan comparisons is irrelevant to.   Their service is so poor that we can’t possibly advise our clients to invest in them, whatever theoretical features and benefits our funeral plans comparison throws up.  Both are well known names which you will come across if you search the internet.   We don’t take risks when advising our clients, and these firms will have to dramatically improve and stay that way for a number of years before we even consider recommending them.

A funeral plan is just too important to take risks with, and we want to make sure our clients are NOT taking risks.

Funeral Plan Comparisons – how to get your personalised comparison?

That is easy – when you are ready to transfer some of your savings into a funeral plan, contact us for your personal funeral plans comparison.  Please  do not ask us to do one for you if you are not ready to make a decision, because it take some time to do each indivdual funeral plans comparison.   They are all done by hand.  A couple of weeks later, prices, terms and conditions etc may well have changed – and prices never go down.   So please, don’t contact us until you are ready to do something, or both of us may well be disappointed!   Ready for your personal Funeral Plan Comparisons?