Funeral Plan Free Gifts But Do They Matter

Funeral Plan free gifts abound.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Some funeral plan firms will give you a nice Parker pen for just for enquiring.  Or you might get a nice smile from Michael Parkinson.  But whatever free gifts that you might get do be sure that you are actually buying a funeral plan. Not a gimmick.

Sounds silly I know – but more people buy funeral plans with free gifts than actual proper funeral plans!  Sounds daft, doesn’t it – when is a funeral plan not one? When it is a non profit whole of life policy with no cash value except when you die and no inflation proofing either, so it may not even pay for the coffin when the tim comes.  Also if you miss a payment because you are in hospital the policy will generally be CANCELLED with no cash back. All your money down the drain!

So maybe funeral plan free gifts should be of less concern than getting independent quality advice (that is where we come in).

We won’t let the free gift incentive wag the dog of value (if you see what I mean) – you want a good plan which fits your needs and comes from a sound company.   If you get a carriage clock or £40 worth of MArks & Spencers vouchers as well, that’s great.  But the important thing is that the plan itself doesn’t need free gifts to disguise the fact that it isn’t good value.

Here is a sample of the wonderful freebies on offer (but the point is that you need sound advice, not free gifts with strings!):

 FREE £50 Tesco Gift Card 

FREE £40 Marks & Spencers voucher.

£75 M&S vouchers, Kindle and LCD TV

FREE gift for each customer once they’ve taken out a plan and made three monthly premium payments.

£50 Gift Voucher with every funeral  …

ree gift like a fountain pen, gift card or a Kindle.

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