Funeral Plan News

Prepaid Funeral Plan News

More standard basic plans on the way – but some of them have VERY severe restrictions which will prove disastrous for many who don’t read the small print.  What use is a plan accepted by 800 undertakers when there are 43,000 towns in the UK?  A funeral plan is meant to solve problems, not create them!  UPDATE December 2016 – prices rises around the £200 announced but no details at the time of writing.   But one or two interesting new plans may be on the way – but prices may well have gone up before they are officially launched!

Is there a way to avoid the continuous price increases?

Funeral Plan Quotes
          Funeral Plan Quotes

YES: don’t delay (it is expensive!) contact us and set up a plan with a modest deposit and monthly instalments over up to 10 years.   You have bought at today’s prices, and you can pay off the balance early if you find the cash!   Interest free instalments are available for 12 monthly instalments, and one funeral plan provider offers 24 months interest free – ask for details!

Three new funeral plans have been launched and reviewed by our team – and the market has never been more competitive.   One of the plans will allow some people to start a proper funeral plan for as little as possible by starting payments over a longer period – but with the opportunity of paying off lump sums.  It’s perfect for those who get occasional bonuses or who will get a pension lump sum in a few years time.

Another is a new entrant in the Green / Eco funeral plan market. which has to be welcome.

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