Funeral Plan Price Rises Announced

 Funeral Plan Price Rises

This is a message we received today from a major funeral plan provider.

“You will see a considerable increase as yet again funeral directors are requiring more for their services – well above the rate of inflation.

There are a number of reasons.

Traditionally funeral directors have seen funeral plans as secure future business, and been willing to accept far less than if a customer simply purchased a funeral at the time of the death of a relative.

As funeral plans become more widely known and accepted, funeral directors are less willing to suffer a financial loss just in order to “lock in” the customer for the future.

Disbursement charges – cremations and ministers fees – have risen in many areas and, of course, the increase to 20% VAT on funeral directors’ supplies, such as coffins and vehicles, have added to the costs.

Some of our competitors may attempt to keep the prices lower, but as funeral directors consider what they are guaranteeing, they will realise that low cost plans can be more of a business liability than an asset. The last thing we want is to see in future is a two tier level of service at the time a death occurs – one for funeral plans where there may not be enough money to provide the service required, and a second and better service where the client is charged the “going rate” at the time of death.

Value for money is not all about the cheapest – as you as a professional legal or financial adviser will be all too aware. We believe we offer a very safe and properly costed range of plans.

So, with a substantial price rise likely on April 1st, now is the time to tell all your appropriate client that by purchasing now, they will make substantial savings on the one unavoidable future cost. We will, if possible hold the 2011 prices throughout April, but as funeral directors become aware of the new prices, they will not agree to take the old ones. We cannot, under any circumstances, accept old prices after April 25th.”

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Funeral Plan Price Rises