Funeral Plan Prices Rocket!

Funeral Plan Prices Rocket by over 22%!

Bit of a shocker this one, it is the cheapest plan in the Golden Leaves range which has shot up, with more expensive plans risking by between 8.5 and 11%.   But we have access to old prices for a very short time for those where we have recently recommend Golden Leaves as a best buy.   That won’t be everyone – our process identifies your requirements and matches them to the most suitable prepaid funeral plan.

As ever, there is never a better time to invest in a prepaid funeral plan to protect your savings, prices are extremely unlikely to go down! It won’t be long before the next round of funeral plan price increases, so the sooner you transfer those savings earning 1% or less to save 7% or so in funeral inflation.

Why not download our enquiry for today – it’s over to the right.

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