Funeral Plan Questionnaire Helps Choosing the Best Plan

Help with the Funeral Plan Questionnaire.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

If you get stuck with the funeral plan booklet & questionnaire, please give us a ring!  It is only one page, and, if you already know what you want, it’s a 5 minute job.   It is designed to help you to decide what you would like in your funeral plan, so it does sometimes lapse into jargon a little!  No selling though, we promise.

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It is fine to fill the form in in advance, but please don’t send it in until you are ready to go ahead.  Each quote is individual and takes us some time, and if you delay your decision by more than a week or so, things may have changed so we have to do it all over again or you miss a bargain!

These are comments on the questions that some people may be unsure about:

Question 2) Transport of deceased to funeral home.

In most cases, people will be near home when they die, but some folk may want the funeral  arrangements held miles away.   Moving people around is expensive, so let us have the details if you wish your plan to cover extra miles. There could be extra costs if you happen to live in a relatively remote area or on one of the islands off our coast. If there are few undertakers within 10 miles, costs could be less competitive.

Question 3) The hearse is always included

– but do you want to provide limousines for the family? One, two or perhaps something different. Just let us know.

Question 4) Type of Coffin

Many people ask for simple eco coffins thinking they will be cheaper – they are NOT, they normally cost significantly more, as do coloured coffins etc. Basic coffins are the rule with the low cost plans, and they get posher as you move to more expensive plans, but US style coffins might double the cost of the funeral plan,

Question 5) Type of Funeral

Generally, this is either cremation or burial.  If it is burial, there is normally no allowance for the purchase of the plot built into plans.  That is fine if you already own the plot, but if not it is another matter which needs consideration.  We recommend buying the plot now, as a separate transaction, as it may not be available at all in future.

Question 6) Payment

Ideally, pay for it in one go, or pay as much as you can comfortably afford as a deposit to keep monthly costs down.  We will normally include details of installment costs anyway, but of your budget is limited, do tell us straight away.

You can have plans with lower monthly installments payable to 85 or 90 but they do have significant disadvantages – but they are still much better than nothing!

Question 7) Service

You can allow for a service at the crematorium or church – or no service at all, but that will probably upset people,   The church service will normally cost more, especially if you are being cremated or buried elsewhere.

Question 8) Bearers

In most cases of cremation, two bearers are fine as you will be taken in on a trolley before anyone enters the chapel.  But if it is a burial, at least 4 bearers may be needed to traverse the grass, more if you are heavy,

Question 9) Plan Donation

Do you have poorer family members who might get into debt arranging an unexpected funeral, perhaps after an accident?  With some plans, you can donate your plan to a third party if you wish too.  Sadly, sometimes it is children who p

Question 11) Moving

Many plans tie you down to using a particular funeral director or chain.  Is there any possibility that you will move in you old age, perhaps to be nearer children who can look after you or at least keep an eye on you?

Your Notes 

Anything else you think might help us to give you better advice.

If you are unsure of any of the questions, please do give us a ring, we’ll be happy to help and add more explanation to the site – if you are unsure, so will other people be, and we need to know.

Funeral Plan Questionnaire.