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Funeral Plan Questions

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Funeral Plan questions.

If a search of our site doesn’t answer your question about prepaid funeral plans, please feel free to contact us.  Remember that we advise people on choosing the most suitable funeral plan for their finances and wishes, so if it is to report a death or a change of address, you need to contact the actual funeral plan company.

But we will help where where we can!

Funeral Plan Questions to ask the plan provider.

These are the questions the Money Advice Service recommends that you ask before chosing a funeral plan.  If you did, there would be less funeral plan providers to choose from!  We do believe that their approach is a little simplistic, and if followed rigidly it would seriously damage the development of greater competition in the vital area.  That said, we do take a lot of convincing to use new providers or those are not members of the Funeral Planning Authority.

There are a number of questions which are of vital importance which they Money Advice Services have completely missed. Bureaucrats eh!  We’re professional funeral plan advisers and experts in our field.

The question we would ask you is:

Why buy from a highly biased sales agent when you can have our independent advice at no extra cost?  Many plans are ONLY sold by tied sales agents. You should ask why they cannot stand comparison with their competitors!

The funeral plan questions the Money Advice Service recommends asking:

  • Does the plan allow you to choose the funeral director?
  • What if your chosen director goes out of business?
  • What happens if the person the funeral is intended for dies abroad or away from home?
  • Can the funeral director arrange a funeral of a different standard from the one you have chosen?
  • Could there be any other expenses for the funeral, and what happens if there are?
  • Is it possible to cancel the plan if circumstances change, for example if you’ve arranged for your spouse’s funeral but you later separate?
  • Are there any cancellation charges?
  • What if there are outstanding payments at death?
  • If you pay by instalments, how long do you do this for and do you have to pay interest?
  • What happens if there are outstanding instalments at death?
  • What freedom do you have to change the details of your funeral plan?

Next steps: we would fully endorse this advice on funeral plans.

If you take out a prepaid funeral plan then:

  • Make sure you have a written record of the arrangements and keep it safe. You should receive a plan confirmation
  • Make sure your next of kin knows you have already paid for your funeral and what the details are
  • Check to see that the plan provider has a clear complaints procedure, and is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority, the industry’s professional body. Members must follow its standards when dealing with you and when considering any complaints