Eternal Peace Funeral Plans

Eternal Peace Funeral PlansEternal Peace Funeral Plans Reviewed

They are a newish set up and it will be interesting to see where they go.

STOP PRESS: It would seem that they have withdrawn their application for FCA regulation.  I have asked them to update me.

Contact Eternal Peace on

0330 311 2570

Their initial range of plans includes:


Direct Cremation at £1895.

They don’t offer a cut-down plan I am pleased to say, nor a funeral directors fees only plan: nothing wrong with that type of p.

Standard Plan at £3695.

Next plan up is £3995 and adds minor improvements (as do all this type) and one family limousine.

Top plan is £4195 with 2 family limousines (plus the hearse of course!)

As I understand it, all plans are fully guaranteed.

Up to 4 years interest-free instalment are available, subject to a minimum deposit of £500.  Longer term payments are at 3.1% interest