Empathy Funeral Plans Reviewed 2022 – Good? Bad? Average?

May 2022 Important Notice: Empathy UK Funeral Plans Ltd have withdrawn their application for FCA authorisation. They are currently exploring options for existing plans and will advise customers of the outcome as soon as they can. In the meantime, existing plans will be honoured and funerals paid for when required.

Empathy Funeral Plans are a newish company in the market, being incorporated in July 2017. 

They offer a number of different plans: the latest one is the so-called Half Price Funeral Plan. There is nothing wrong with the plan except that is NOT a full funeral plan, it covers just the funeral directors fees, not the actual burial or cremation fees. That is made clear if you read the information, but our experience is that not all people do. Worse, the relatives will be stuck with a significant bill which they will be asked to pay BEFORE the funeral to cover third party costs. Many providers offer this sort of plan, but it is absolutely essential that the family understand that the cost of interment, cremation or ministers fee is NOT included. These costs are typically somewhere around one third of the total costs. There are many alternatives, so please do call us.

    Back to their normal plans:
  1. The Empathy Direct Cremation Plan at £1,800.
  2. The Empathy Essential Plan at £3,350.  This is a plan which offers restricted time and day for the funeral, so the funeral is likely to be either early or late in the day, but it does appear to allow use of a local crematorium. Early or late times are cheaper, but also less convenient for mourners who have to travel. Third party cost allowance only £1,000, we prefer guarantees.
  3. The Empathy Essential Plus plan removes the time constraint and costs £3,695. Third party cost allowance only £1,000, we prefer guarantees.
  4. The Empathy Elite adds a slightly posher coffin and a limo for the family at £4,050.Third party cost allowance only £1,000, we prefer guarantees.
  5. The Exclusive allows two limousines and wood coffin at a cost of £4,395. Third party cost allowance only £1,250, we prefer guarantees.

We are reserving judgment on Empathy funeral plans at the moment.  Not a criticism, we just don’t have experience of them and strong competitors seem to offer better alternatives. Like all plans, they will probably be right for some people and less suitable for others – that is why we need to discuss your situation, so we can match your wishes with the most suitable plan. Here is what they have to say about themselves:


The main attraction of our plans is that the full cremation fee is covered. A generous contribution is made towards a burial if that is the chosen option.

Empathy Funeral Plans Ltd is registered in the UK, company number 10891616. It has a sole Director, Louise Bond, who has previously worked within the insurance sector for 25 years.

The Empathy UK Trust has 2 independent Trustees. The fund is overseen by OAC Actuaries, and award-winning accountants Kay Johnson Gee. The Trust’s investments are managed by Charnwood Financial Services, the local representative of St James’s Place. The Trust funds are invested by Rowan Dartington via their dedicate Investment Manager.

Rowan Dartington is owned entirely by St James’s Place and all companies are FCA registered. St James’s Place has carried out a full analysis of the investment process with the Trust and Rowan Dartington and, as such, their advice is guaranteed.

Empathy Funeral Plans offer different types of plans to suit all needs and budgets, and these can be paid for in full upfront or over a payment period of up to 15 years (age dependant).


Empathy Funeral Plans