Legal and Financial Funeral Plan Reviewed 2021

Funeral Plans are not all the sameThe Legal and Financial Funeral Plan is an interesting one.

Legal and Financial Funeral PlansIt is based on a With Profits investment, something which well-intentioned but inept regulatory interference almost destroyed.  With profits is ideally suited for stable long-term growth, just the sort of thing which consumers would revel in these days. Shame the Regulators have forced people to take less stable investments. Sorry, hobby-horse, along with the 95% reduction in the availability of Financial Advice since 1988, despite a far larger population with far greater needs!

The chap behind this plan, Derek Forbes, is a long-term industry stalwart, and old enough (like me!) to understand the true benefits of With Profits.  The Legal & Financial Funeral Plan has been designed around a With Profits core with the intention of having relatively steady growth in the underlying funds which will ultimately pay for the funeral.

The Legal and Financial Funeral Plan guarantee refers to the undertakers services, not to the third party costs.  That doesn’t mean they won’t be fully covered, but they do vary so widely  that although third-party costs cannot be fully guaranteed, the plans include a generous contribution to these cost as part of the plan price.

The Legal and Financial Guaranteed Funeral Plan.

is built around the third force in UK Funerals after the Coop and Dignity. They are Funeral Partners Ltd.  They currently have three options:

  1. The Economical which provides the normal standard funeral but without facilities to view the deceased after collection, or a procession. The deceased is taken to the crematorium or cemetery in the hearse to meet mourners there. Current cost is £3,650 (October 2018).
  2. The Traditional adds viewing of the deceased, out of hours if need be, a procession (normally from the home to the crematorium or cemetery) and a better coffin. and a limousine for the family. Cost is £4,100.
  3. The Classical Plan adds an even higher quality coffin and a second limousine at a cost of £4,450.

Each plan allows £1150 towards third party costs.

Legal and Financial Funeral Plans and Funeral Partners Ltd.