Unique Funeral Plans Reviewed for 2022 – a New Approach

Unique funeral plans reviewedUnique Funeral Plans Reviewed: they are an innovative new funeral plan provider. They are absolutely not the same as most other plans. In the right circumstances, they have substantial potential benefits. Uniques unusual setup is based on long-term investment strategies quite different from standard prepaid plan providers. They are an unconventional design, and our independent advice is really essential to work out whether or not they are right for you.  Why not call us on 0800 0588 240?   As at May 2022 Unique (Fox Milton & Co Ltd) have apparently not submitted a full application to the FCA, I understand this is in some way related to the type of assets they hold which are often high yielding properties let to (for example) the NHS.

Unique Funeral Plans Reviewed – the unusual features.

  • All the Unique plans come with a 15-year plan refund pledge. If yours hasn’t been used within 15 years of your payments being completed, provided you have kept your Certificate of Entitlement safe, and it is sent recorded delivery with the claim,  you will receive a full refund and, in effect, have your funeral paid for. If you lose the certificate, you can pay for a new copy though.
  • If you pay in one go, a 25% refund is paid on your funeral if you die between 6 and the end of year 14.  After that, you would have had a full refund in your lifetime.
  • Their plans are cheaper than most, sometimes by a considerable margin. Not only that but there is a 5% discount for two people buying plans together (plus our extra bonus, available only when you buy through the prepaid funeral review.)
  • Monthly money back draws for paid in full plans – each month, one client will get a full refund and – in effect – have a free funeral plan.
  • Additional non-standard third-party costs must be paid initially by the family, and detailed receipts submitted to Unique who will then make refunds against the allowance available in each plan. We imagine in practice that most of this will be provided by the funeral director, though many will require prepayment, with the refund then going to the family.
  • Plans can be transferred from one individual to another subject to formalities,


All monies are held in the independently managed Unique Funeral Plans Trust for your protection.  The trust is managed by the Sterling Trust Corporation Ltd, a specialist firm. None of the directors or staff of Unique Prepaid Funeral Plans are on the Board of Trustees of the trust, and the Trustees’ job is to protect your funds.  The Trust is audited annually and will have a full actuarial report published in May 2023. The investment management is carried out by UBS, TJM Partnership, and Interactive Investors.

Unique Funeral Plans Reviewed – the prepaid plans.

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  1. The Prestige Plus – their top-of-the-range plan with a hearse and 2 limousines and the trimmings you would expect from such a plan.  Up to £1,500 towards third party costs*. £3,750.
  2. The Prestige – just one limousine and a slightly less grand coffin. Up to £1,350* towards third-party costs. £3,350.
  3. The Essence – no family cars, just the hearse, but the same coffin as the Prestige. £850* towards third-party costs.  £3,100 (but the prestige is a better buy by far).
  4. The Exclusive – as the Essence, but with a standard coffin and an allowance of only £500* towards third party costs. £2,100.  This one is specifically aimed ONLY at folk under 40, so they can get some basic provision in at an affordable cost – then sit back and wait for the full refund in 15 years (provided you paid in a lump sum, otherwise it is 15 years after payments are completed.)
  5. The Purity – this is their direct cremation plan.  No service, no family attendance, just whisked off to a (probably) far away crematorium with the ashes returned to your family if required. £1195. Unlike most direct cremation plans, there is a 25-mile radius for collection.

Unique Funeral Plans Reviewed