List of Prepaid Funeral Plan Reviews

Index of Prepaid Funeral Plan Reviews (list below.)

Just a few of the funeral plan booklets you could collect!

We try to keep up to date prepaid funeral plan reviews of all the significant ones on the market.  However, many plans are simply badged versions of other companies products (something Dignity are quite keen on!)  Just like some supermarket “own label” products – sometimes they are the same product.  But sometimes not! Some companies are so small that they may not have attracted our attention (or we may prefer to avoid them!)

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

If you work for such a company, feel free to get in touch.  We wouldn’t want to miss out on a good funeral scheme for our clients!  But we will be looking at you and your plans in detail before we will even consider recommending them, so be prepared for a grilling.

Clearly, the reason we exist is to offer specific advice to people wishing to invest in a prepaid funeral plan, and that advice is necessarily personal and tailored.  Two neighbours would not necessarily be advised to have the same funeral plans.  Their situation will nearly always be different after we have chatted things through on the phone.  No salesmen will visit, and the chat typically takes 5 to 8 minutes.  And there are firms (no names!) which we wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.  But in a few weeks time, prices and options will have changed.  Prices are steadily rising, and as each firm increases them, their competitive position changes.  And anyone who thinks they are all the same is mistaken! That is why we keep the funeral plan market under constant review for changes in the plans, in price, and new plans.

List of Prepaid Funeral Plan Reviews.

List or directory of prepaid funeral plan reviews. Contact us for more information and independent advice.  No obligation.

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2) Insurance NOT Funeral Plan Company Directory

Most of these are the classic Over 50’s insurance. They have their own separate directory – click the link above.  We don’t like them much. Even the companies selling them don’t attempt to describe them as proper funeral plans because they are not too good at doing that job! Major problem with most is two fold – no inflation proofing and no cash value at all if you stop payments at any time, whether deliberately or accidentally!

Considering thousands of people buy them every month – mostly for prepaying funerals – there seems to be much public confusion about what is and is not a proper funeral plan. Let us protect you from the adverts!

Funeral plan company directory.