Funeral Plan Sales Rise 243%

Massive Increase in Funeral Plan sales.

The Funeral Planning Authority have published the statistics for Funeral Plan sales in the last ten years.  The interesting thing is that so few funeral plans are bought through independent advisers.   The overwhelming majority are sold direct or through agents offering a single providers plans.

Year Plan Sales Plans USED UnUSED Plans
2002 46,340 n/a n/a
2003 61,158 n/a n/a
2004 56,748 n/a n/a
2005 60,145 30,018 409,579
2006 60,082 31,158 451,820
2007 67,519 34,861 486,007
2008 74,683 40,846 514,748
2009 91,335 38,282 564,234
2010 104,364 41,727 635,501
2011 112,714 44,293 693,316
2012 120,731 51,041 761,378
2013 135,160 57,001 859,840
2014 147,325 60,622 953,502
2015 183,500 88,100 1,075,100
2016 210,700 90,600 1,195,200
2017 207,700 89,800 1,313,100

Funeral Plan Salesmen biased?

And of course, you get a some “spin” on the sales pitch if you are talking to a firm who can only sell you their own plan.  Obviously, it is going to be the best funeral plan in the market!!

The Funeral Plan sales shown below demonstrate that more and more people are opting to organise themselves in advance to spare needless grief and expense to those left behind.   It is only a simple step after making the decision to buy one to get Independent Advice from the Prepaid Funeral Review Team.   So click the link if you are going to add to the funeral plan sales increase! (Or even join our team!)

Funeral Plan Sales Statistics

Note – these statistics are only in respect of the Funeral Planning Association Registered Providers of funeral plans only, though they are believed to cover 95% of all UK funeral plan sales.   There are other small providers, but from what we at the Prepaid Funeral Review see, most of the so-called different plans are actually the same old plans with a different name and slightly different literature.

We find it hard to take funeral plan companies who don’t join the Funeral Planning Authority seriously, but if you find one, please do let us know.  We are keen to give every Funeral Planning company a fair chance to set out their stall on the Prepaid Funeral Planning Review web site.


Statistics for Funeral Plan Sales are from the Funeral Planning Authority.