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Funeral Plan Providers – Funeral Planning Authority Registered.

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

This article is a list of providers “regulated” by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) – for more general information on funeral plans, click the link or for independent advice on funeral plans why not download our Funeral Plan advice request form? In our view there is no significant advantage – in consumer protection terms – in dealing with an FPA registered company.  There are at least as many issues with FPA registered companies as there are with others, and there is no additional security.  There are FPA members we could not possibly recommend: the FPA seems to have no consumer protection teeth or perhaps (despite the grandiose name) it is just a gentlemans club designed to protect members rather than the public.

Prepaid funeral plan providers who are registered with the Funeral Planning

Funeral Planning Authority

Authority.  For smaller local funeral plan providers whose plans are not relevant to most people, we have added their comments in italics.  Obviously, we would prefer that you contacted us if you are looking for a Funeral Plan, as we know the ins and outs and the hidden issues – such as complaints – which their sales staff are not going to tell you!

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(or you could read on and spend the next few weeks duplicating all the work we have already done reviewing funeral plan providers – it isn’t as if we charge anything!  You can also download our enquiry form or join our “nag” email list to remind you every now and then!)

A “Registered  Funeral Plan Provider” is a person or a business entity that provides funeral plans and is regulated by the Authority. See also other funeral plan providers.

  • Registered Providers regulated by the FPA maintain high standards of professional conduct.
  • The money paid by customers to Registered Providers for a funeral is safeguarded so that, when the time comes, the funeral is provided in accordance with that plan.
  • Registered Providers shall co-operate in the delivery of the FPA’s Pledge to Customers.

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The following providers of Prepaid Funeral Plans are Registered by the Funeral Planning Authority.  We would generally not recommend that you use non-approved plans except in special circumstances.

Advance Planning Limited
4 King Edwards Court King Edwards Square Sutton Coldfield B73 6AP.

Advance Planning Limited offers the Age Concern Prepaid Funeral Plan to its customers.

BFD Prepaid Funeral Plan
Southville Lodge, Southville Road, Bristol BS3 1DJ.

Bristol Funeral Directors Limited offers the BFD Prepaid Funeral Plan to customers in Bristol and surrounding areas, through family owned independent funeral directors. Plans can be arranged to suit individual requirements and funds are held in a Trust, the Trustees of which are a major firm of Bristol solicitors. 

(Our plan is only available to the local area of Bristol and within a 10 mile radius, if you would like any other information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Andrew Gunningham
Funeral Director
Thomas Davis Funeral Directors South Ville Lodge South Ville Bristol.)  

Chelmsford Star Cooperative Society Limited
86 Broomfield Road Chelmsford Essex CM1 1SS.

Chelmsford Star Cooperative Society Ltd offers the Chelmsford Star Cooperative Society Prepaid Funeral Plan to its customers.

(I can confirm that our Funeral Plans are invested in the same scheme as Funeralcare in a Whole of Life Policy with CIS and gives the same assurances and is backed in the same way. Where we will differ is on the service we provide and the price of our plans.  This is mainly due to us being very localised and being able to provide plans to the needs of our local community.  We price our Funeral Plans based on a price of a funeral today with the addition of a £75 administration fee which means our plans are priced based on local products and services and tend to be the most competitive for this reason.  We also offer a fully tailor made service so that the client and cherry pick what they want.

I think in essence the structure and investment is the same as Funeralcare but the product and price will be different for the reasons above.


Stuart Hammond

Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society Ltd.)

Clydebank Co-operative Society Limited.
11 Hume Street, Clydebank, G81 1XL.

Clydebank Co-operative is an independent regional retail Society offering the Co-operative Funeral Bond throughout the Clydebank and Greater Glasgow areas.   It is a member of the National Association of the Funeral Directors, the Funeral Planning Authority and the Co-operative Funeral Service Association. All services are provided on a 24 hour basis.

Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited.
4 King Edwards Court King Edwards Square Sutton Coldfield B73 6AP.

Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited is a national prepaid funeral plan provider and offers the Dignity, Royal London, Age Concern funeral plans, as well as the Funeral Assistance Plan and the Guaranteed Funeral Plan, to its customers throughout the UK.

Family Funerals Trust Limited
Ludlow House Ludlow Road Feltham Middlesex TW13 7JF.

Family Funerals Trust Limited offers Pre-payment and Pre-arrangement Funeral Plans to its customers.

Funeral Planning Services Limited
Flint House, Ipswich Road, Long Stratton, Norwich, NR15 2TA.

Funeral Planning Services Ltd was established in 1995. It provides a range of pre-payment plans for clients of any age and state of health, in conjunction with independent funeral directors throughout the UK. Funeral payments are held in Funeral Planning Trust, with Capita Trust Company Ltd as Custodian Trustee.

Golden Charter Limited                                                                                              Canniesburn Gate 10 Canniesburn Drive Bearsden Glasgow G61 1BF.

More than 160,000 people in Great Britain have planned their funerals with Golden Charter an Independent Company. It is owned by approximately 700 Funeral Directors who are members of the SAIF Charter Association. Golden Charter provides a truly nationwide service.

Golden Leaves Limited
299-305 Whitehorse Road West Croydon Surrey CR0 2HR.

Golden Leaves has been at the forefront of Pre-paid Funeral Planning since 1984 when plans first became available in the UK. Golden Leaves is available throughout the UK. Funeral plans (outside the regulation of the FPA) are also available in Spain, Portugal & Cyprus, provided locally by reputable Funeral Directors , IFA’s and authorised representatives.

Heart of England Co-operative Society Limited
22 Abbey Street Nuneaton CV11 5BU.

Heart of England Co-operative Society Limited offers the Heart of England Cooperative Society Pre-paid Funeral Plan to its customers. (Review information requested – it may well be the standard national Co-op Funeral Care product).

Midlands Cooperative Society Limited
Central House Hermes Road Lichfield Staffs WS13 6RH.

Midlands Cooperative Society Limited offers the Midlands Cooperative Funeral Bond to its customers. (Review information requested – it may well be the standard national Co-op Funeral Care product).

NAFD Services Limited
Beaufort House, Brunswick Road, Gloucester, GL1 1JZ.

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans are provided throughout the UK by funeral directors who are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). NAFD is an independent organisation that strives for the very highest standards in funeral service. Please contact us for more information.

Reynolds Funeral Service
27-31 High Street Bognor Regis PO21 1RR.

Reynolds Funeral Service does not offer new funeral plans but remains registered in respect of existing plans.

The Co-operative Funeralcare                                                                                                 Funeral Plan Service Centre 2nd Floor, Hanover Building, Hanover Street, Manchester M60 0AD.

The Co-operative Funeralcare, as the UK’s leading Funeral Director, offers the Co-operative Funeralcare Funeral Plan to customers throughout the UK.  It is available to purchase through different channels, including their own nationwide funeral home network, Co-operative Insurance Services Agents, regional building societies as well as directly, by telephone, post or by email.

Safe Hands Funeral Plans.

Prepaid Funeral Plan Providers registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.