Age Co Funeral Plans in 2022: Good Value for Your Money? (was AgeUK)

Age Co Funeral Plan Comparison.

Age Co Funeral Plans
formerly Age Concern Funeral Plans

We exist, as Independent Advisers, to review the dozens of available plans against your wishes and concerns.  We can recommend the plan which best fits your needs (and pocket!) Our service does not cost you anything. It almost always saves you money. We are not agents for Age Co Funeral Plans, but will at the very least match their prices PLUS give you our valuable bonus package worth up to £595. The whole point of our service is to find the right plan for YOU.  Your next-door neighbour may well be advised to choose another plan entirely! So why not call our Review Team on 0800 0588 240?  (You may well think of them as Age Concern Funeral Plans, their former name – no need to be concerned if you have one of the older plans!)

Summary Review of Age Co Funeral Plans.

For cremation pFuneral Plans are not all the samelans, the Age Co are good guaranteed plans, but not necessarily right for you. The burial option offers a generous allowance but is not fully guaranteed. They are also the only plan provider in the UK not to charge any cancellation penalties.

Age Co Pre Paid Funeral Plan review,

Age Co plans are just one of a lot of funeral plans on the UK market. They all have different features and benefits.  This is exactly why the Prepaid Funeral Review team was set up, to save you reviewing the 50+ plans which are (or pretend to be) funeral plans.

For independent advice on prepaid plans – 0800 0588 240 –  or use our Enquiry Page?  

We have put the Age Co funeral plans prices are further down the page.  Like all prepaid plans, they are rising rapidly, so it pays to buy as soon as possible.  Especially when deposit account rates are just so miserly. The many different plan providers are juggling rising costs and prices for market share and profit. The vastly increased costs of Regulaton will tend to push prices up significantly.

We will help you understand the options.  Though you COULD decide to do all the work yourself and review the terms and conditions of the many dozens of prepaid funeral plans on the market, we don’t recommend it! More general information here.

Age Co Funeral Plans are provided by Dignity. To quote from their site “The Age Co Funeral Plan is offered by Advance Planning Limited, a company incorporated in England and owned by Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited (a subsidiary of Dignity plc).” They are the only provider on the market not to charge a cancellation fee so you can change your mind at any time without incurring a penalty.

Age Co Funeral plan review: best buy or bad choice for you?

Age Co, with whom we have no association, say:

“Benefits of the Age Co Funeral Plans:

  • Family and friends will not have to make difficult decisions and arrangements at an
    upsetting time.
  • You can also add special requests such as favourite hymns or readings.
  • The funds for your plan will be securely held in an Independent Trust Fund that is
    separately and expertly managed.
  • The Age Co Plan is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.
  • No one is excluded from the Plan.  The only requirement is that you are over 50 years of
    age and you can buy an Age Co plan.

Our number for independent advice is 0800 0588 240.

Age Co Funeral Plans:

The Age Co Plan (previously known as the Age UK Plan) has been provided by Dignity for 25 years. They have the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed to cover the cost of the cremation funeral services detailed in the plan.
  • Guaranteed acceptance if you are over 50.
  • No medical or health questions asked.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Allows family and friends to add their own special tribute when the time comes.

Age Co Funeral Plans They offer essentially 6 plans:

  1. Age Co Basic plan- £3,070 – this is one of the limited plans with less control for the family over the date and time of the event, and is restricted to 800 funeral directors in the UK. We don’t really like them, happy to advise you why.
  2. Age Co Ivy – £3.470 – this is their standard plan which is more flexible and the family can agree the date and time of the funeral.
  3. Holly – £3,825 – this one upgrades the coffin and adds a limousine for the family.
  4. Rowan – £4,170 the Rowan further upgrades the coffin and adds a second limousine.
  5. Fern Plan – £4,170 – similar to the Holly but with a bamboo coffin and carbon neutral.
  6. Forest Plan – £4,470 – similar to the Rowan but with a willow coffin and carbon neutral/

As the plans increase in cost, more benefits are added such as:

  • Whether the chapel of rest can be visited outside office hours.
  • Whether you have to pay extra for the funeral procession to go from home to the service
    location and perhaps onwards.

Our job at the Prepaid Funeral Review is to compare these plans with the others in the market and recommend the one we consider most suitable.  Why not give the Review Team a call now on 0800 0588 240?  Leave a message if we aren’t available and we’ll call you back.

More Information on Age Co Plans: