Capital Life Funeral Plans Reviewed 2022 – Our Verdict

Capital Life Funeral PlansCapital Life Funeral Plans Reviewed: Good? Bad? Indifferent?  See the Summary. We have reviewed their plans, but without chatting things through with you, we don’t know whether they are suitable for your purposes and location. 

May 2022 Capital has withdrawn their application to the FCA for Regulation, and removed funeral plans from their website – they say they intend to re-apply otherwise they will be unable to run or sell prepaid funeral plans.

So the rest of this page may be irrelevant.

Summary of Capital Life Funeral Plans: installment charges are high, we would prefer to see guarantees rather than allowances.  In most cases there are better plans on the market, even though they are nice people!  So very much worth your while to contact us and at least consider the alternatives – no salesmen here, just independent advice.  Why not ask for a free copy of our Guide to Funeral Plans – use the form to the right (or below if you are on a mobile)/

Capital Life Funeral Plans range:

  1. The Capital Simple Plan. This is a direct cremation plan, which means there is NO family involvement whatever once the deceased has been collected. Current price is £1,895
  2. The Capital Ceremonial Plan pays for the funeral directors services, leaving the family to find the third party costs at the time.  Much better than no funeral plan at all, and a type of plan offered by most providers. Sadly, sometimes sold to people who don’t understand its’ limitations (and I don’t mean by Capital Life, just salespeople assuming clients read brochures and terms and conditions carefully when most do not). Price is £2,795 (all at August 2020).
  3. The Capital Traditional Plan is just what it says – the standard type of funeral plan with a £1,000 allowance towards the third party costs (crematorium, doctor, celebrant).  It also adds a slightly posher coffin. This is the type of prepaid funeral plan most people buy. Price is £3,795.
  4. The Capital Royal adds a posher coffin and one limousine for the family. Price is £3,995. The allowance for third party costs is not specified on their site, but I imagine it remains at a modest £1,000.
  5. The Imperial Funeral Plan offers two limousines and an even posher coffin. Price is £4,295. The allowance for third party costs is not specified on their site, but I imagine it remains at a modest £1,000. 
  6. Capital Life Majestic Plan Cremation with two limousines but the same limited £1,000 towards third party costs, though plus £500 to spend on doves or what have you.  £5,695.  The burial version also includes lots of trimmings, noticeably a headstone.  Burial plots is not included of course.  In many areas the allowance will not be enough to pay the crematorium, never mind celebrant or ministers fees. Though there are a number of potentially useful extras, there is nothing like having a guarantee rather than an allowance. £6,745. 

What are Capital Life Funeral Plans Third Party Fees or Disbursements?

Funeral Plans are not all the sameThird-Party fees (usually referred to as “disbursements”) are costs that are necessary for a funeral to take place but are not included in the services provided for by a Funeral Director. The third-party fees include any fees payable to doctors or a Coroner for the issue of death or cremation medical certificates, or Coroner’s certificates, the cremation or burial (interment) fees as well as the Minister or Celebrants fee to perform the service at the Crematorium or Cemetery or Graveside.

Third-party fees can vary widely between different Crematoriums, burial sites, ministers etc and circumstances of death. So Capital gives what they consider a generous allowance, which will go towards these specified fees. If at the time of death the allowance is insufficient to cover these aspects then there may be additional costs to pay by you or your representatives. There is less likely to be a shortfall if you allow them to chose the funeral director as, like most providers, they can probably get a better price than you.

Who owns Capital Funeral Plans? Link to their details on Companies house so you can look at their structure, ownership and finances.

Where does the money go when folk buy Capital Life Funeral Plans?

Your money is paid into a secure Trust Fund that is completely independent of Capital. A panel of Independent Trustees manage the funds to ensure long-term growth in accordance with the current legislation as set out in the Regulated Activities Order (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000), under Article 60.

Alongside the Trustees, leading independent professionals have also been appointed to advise and manage the Trusts funds on behalf of Capital plan holders to protect future payments to Funeral Directors.

More Information on Capital Life Plans:

Contact details for Capital Lfe are: telephone: 0800 411 8683  address: Brooke Court, Lower Meadow Road, Handforth, Wilmslow, SK9 3ND  e: