Co-op Funeral Plans Reviewed 2022 – Good, Bad or Indifferent? Oh dear…

Coop Funeral Plans Reviews: we are reviewing independently. What do we think? Are there discounts available? They have introduced cheaper plans which do not have the same guarantees at the same time, so in effect, there are now two sets of plans.  I will not recommend the two cheaper ones, as there are much better plans from other quality providers.  The main area in which Coop pre paid funeral plans had an advantage is where clients wish to be buried. But guarantees are not absolute, and they may well not fully apply in your case: but where they do, the Coop Prepaid Burial Plan is one I would definitely consider in making my recommendation to you – not that their current range is bad. Contact us on 0800 0588 240 for more information. Use the form at the foot of the page if you would like a copy of the Coop Plans brochure – but do tell me a bit about what you are looking for so I send the right information.  co-op funeral plans reviewed

If you are a Co-op Member and/ or wish to be buried, please do tell us as it just may swing our recommendation more towards the range of Coop funeral plans. Cooperative Members currently get a discount up to £125 on Co-op funeral plan costs – ask me for details. I am afraid there is no discount code other than your Cooperative Membership number!

Co-op Funeral Plans
Cooperative funeral plans are Regulated by the FPA.

For the sake of clarity, the Coop is not a single organisation, and these comments apply to the nationally advertised brand Co-op Funeral Care. We do believe the Coop when they say that the intention is to provide the funeral and not to take the easy and more profitable way out of returning the original investment to the estate.

A major plus point is that in some circumstances they will pay for the funeral if you die early before completing all the instalments. Not exactly unique, but potentially very valuable. There are others offering the same benefit.

The Co-op Funeral Plans Guarantee does NOT apply to all plans, but it is good, but not perfect – there can be extra charges if you move to an area where costs are higher, or if your local crematorium charges extra because you live outside the local authority area. The guarantee is a good thing, make no mistake, but the word guarantee is a bit strong as too many things could change to invalidate it.

There are a few niggles which won’t affect most people for whom it is a good plan: at the end of the day, much better to talk to me on 0800 0588 240 before making a decision.

In summary, Co-op Funeral Plans are good ones, and for some people, it will be the bee’s knees – call us to find out of you are one of those! It is a strong contender for those requiring burial, rather less so for cremations – in most circumstances.  But everyone is different!

The Coop Simple Funeral Plan costs £3,095 (prices as at December 2021)

Co-op members price £3,020.

This part of a newish breed of plans we call “cut-down plans” which we heartily dislike – not the Coops plan, in particular, all of them. They are basically designed to cut costs by using cheap time at crematoria or burial grounds when the family may not be able to conveniently attend on the day or time – perhaps 8.30 am – or even at a place which might be some distance away. The contribution to crematorium fees etc is just £950 which will be inadequate in many areas. You don’t get a proper hearse, nor is the coffin carried, it is just wheeled in. Of its type, it is a decent one, we just don’t like the cut-down plans, especially with the confusion over whether you can upgrade them when you die. Of the breed, the Cooperative version is better than many. There is no limousine for the family with this plan.

The Cooperative Simple Plan is available on monthly payments from as little as £18.96 for youngsters of 40 paying over 25 years. A 70 year old paying over the maximum of 5 years would pay £57.90. (All plans require a £99 deposit).

The Coop Bronze Funeral Plan costs £3,595

Co-op members price £3,470.

Choice time and date for the funeral and the route for the cortege, plus a posher coffin. This means that you can usually have a procession from home to the crematorium or burial ground. There is no limousine for the family with this plan, but you can view the deceased during office hours (but always call first.)

Unlike earlier versions of this plan, it is no longer fully guaranteed. There is an allowance for third party costs of £1,100 which is a bit less than offered by its’ main competitors, some of whom offer a full guarantee of crematorium costs.   To give you an idea, crematorium fees alone can be £1,500 in 2021 – though most are less. So best avoided.

The Cooperative Bronze plan is available on monthly payments from £22.13 for a 40 year old paying over 25 years. At 70, over 5 years it would be £67.75.

The Coop Silver Funeral Plan costs £3,995

Co-op members price £3,870.

This plan is of a standard that we find truly competitive in the market place, especially if you wish to be buried.  Purchase of the burial plot is NOT included. Availability and cost of burial plots vary widely, and you should read my article on the subject to avoid substantial complications at the wrong time.

The Silver Plan adds viewing the deceased at any time by arrangement, a yet posher coffin and a limousine for the family and the all important guarantee that the prime burial and cremation fees will be fully covered.

The Cooperative Silver Plan costs from £24.65 a month if you are 40 over a 25 year period. Anyone over 60 would need to finish payments before they reach age 85. At 70 over 5 years cost is £75.73.

The Co-op Gold Funeral Plan costs from £4,295

Co-op members £4,170.

The Gold Plan adds a second limousine and includes the all important guarantee that the prime burial and cremation fees will be fully covered.

The Cooperative Gold Plan costs from £26.55 a month if you are 40 over a 25 year period. Anyone over 60 would need to finish payments before they reach age 80. At 70, 5 years at £81.09

Coop prepaid funeral plans reviewed.

Co-op plans also have a wider range of payment terms than some others and you can make monthly instalments over as much as 25 years depending on your age: all payments need to be made by the time you reach 80. Unlike some firms, they also allow anyone over 18 to buy a plan, where some funeral plan companies restrict plans to those over 50.

Co-op Funeral Plans for Burial include:

  • Be aware that only the two most expensive plans now have comprehensive guarantees. The more basic ones only make an allowance towards third party costs, which may well be insufficient.
  • Funeral Directors services to make funeral arrangements.
  • Arranging funeral service (at a local cemetery, churchyard or graveyard.)
  • Caring for the deceased including the use of a private chapel of rest. Embalming is not included.
  • Hearse and personnel required for the funeral.
  • Advice on all related matters.
  • Visit to the chapel of rest during office hours.
  • 24-hour transfer of deceased to a suitable resting place within the UK (within a 50-mile radius.)
  • Bereavement assistance via professional organisations.
  • Burial or interment fee (single), gravedigger fee where applicable, the fee for a church service and Minister or Officiant’s fees to conduct a service at a local cemetery chapel, church or at the graveside.
  • Each Coop burial plan provides a different level of service while covering most essentials, and allows you to add your own personal touches. Whether you choose Simple, Bronze, Silver or Gold, there are no hidden extras: the price you see is the price you pay.
  • You can buy a Coop Burial Plans for yourself, or for a relative, friend or dependant.
  • A Set Burial Plan cannot be changed or added, but you can upgrade it at a later date.
  • All of the Coop Burial Plans are completely flexible, so if you move house at a later date, your Plan can still be delivered no matter where you live. There are over 1,000 Co-op funeral homes in the UK, allowing you to change your nominated Co-op Funeral Director at no extra cost.
  • The cost of the grave plot is not included in the Set Burial Plan, but I would strongly consider the top two Coop plans where burial is required. The lower plans are not so competitive in the marketplace.

Funeral Services Ltd is the legal name for Cooperative Funeral Care. It is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 at 1 Angel Square Manchester M50 0AG. You will find with a Coop Funeral Plan you are likely to hear from the Cooperative Legal Services which has a national sales force who also sell Cooperative prepaid funeral plans surprisingly enough!

Co-op members are potentially eligible for discounts (included in the prices above – £75 on the bottom plan, £125 on the rest) – contact us for details with your membership number. In effect, your membership number is a promotional code for Cooperative prepaid funeral plans.

Can I pay for my Coop Funeral now? Yes: you can pay in one go or you can also pay in monthly instalments over anything up to 25 years, depending on your age. Instalments over 6 or 12 months cost no more but longer than that there is an extra cost, which we can quote for you. That said the chances are that funeral plan costs will continue to rise considerably more than the extra cost, so delaying will put the real cost up significantly.

Co-op Funeral Plan Discounts

Members of the Coop can get discounts on their plans in 3 different ways. Contact me for details of the bonus we add which can be worth up to £500 on for anyone who takes out a Co-op funeral plan through us.

Good news: Co-op Funeral Plans Terms and Conditions have been updated from the unacceptable earlier ones: it would seem that new purchases will benefit from a new 16 page Terms and Conditions, which is pretty reasonable (if the longest one we have ever seen). We have no doubt that the Coop Funeralcare would have more generous than their old terms and conditions indicated, but it is good to see the improvement. If you would like a copy of their brochure, let me know through the form at the foot of this page..

More Information on Co-Op Plans:

Funeral Services Limited is the company name for Coop Funeral Plans. The company address is 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG.

There are many versions of the Coop Funeral Plan available from Regional Coops, but I recommend the National version as it can be used in any part of the UK, subject to the terms and conditions.

These include the Southern Coop, Midcounties Coop, East of England Co-op, Chelmsford Star, Scot-Mid Funeral Plans, Lincolnshire Co-op.