Dorset Funeral Plan Reviewed 2021 – Pricey


Dorset Funeral Plan

Dorset Funeral Plans are perfectly good plans, just expensive. They are a product of Douch & Co Funeral Directors, and are underwritten by Ecclesiastical.  They are certainly not a cheap option, but (unlike some other “local” plans) it can at least be transferred to another funeral director should you no longer live in the Dorset Funeral Plan catchment area. However, this may involve extra cost, they say. At the time of writing F C Douch also trade as:

  • AE Jolliffe & Son of Ferndown, Dorset (as are all their branches we understand).
  • Ives & Shand, Parkstone, Poole.
  • Lesley Shand, Blandford.
  • Douch & Small, Wimborne.
  • Lesley Shand, Corfe Mullen.
  • Albert Marsh, Wareham.
  • Albert Marsh, Poole,  and
  • James Smith, Swanage.

Dorset Funeral Plan Prices and Options.

Prices as at January 2021. Always remember with any funeral plan that the third-party allowance is unlikely to be enough to cover the cost of purchasing a grave along with the other essential costs.

The Dorset Funeral Plan Exclusive at £3,147 is their cut down plan with just £902 allowed for third party costs. The ceremony must be held on the funeral directors premises which has limited capacity. Transfer is by estate car or private ambulance not hearse.

The Trent Plan is their basic one at £3670 it allows £1210 but is significantly more expensive than plans with stronger guarantees.

The Oak Plan at £4670 has an exceptionally large contribution towards third party costs of £1755 and is aimed at woodland burials.  Strangely it only allows for a basic coffin.

The Stour Plan at £4460 offers 2 limousines and £1210 towards disbursement – around £600 more expensive than similar but guaranteed plans elsewhere.

The Avon Plan at £4090 provides 1 limousine and £1210 towards their third party costs – around £240 more than other plans with strong guarantees.

Their Direct Cremation Plan at £2207 is wildly uncompetitive to say the least.


The Trent Plan: this version of the Dorset Funeral Plan provides a simple service.

  • Guidance on the registration of the death.
  • Removal of the deceased from within a fifty-mile radius of their premises, during normal office hours.
  • Care of the deceased. Viewing in their Chapel of Rest is not included in this plan.
  • The supply of a basic wood effect coffin mounted with handles for either burial or cremation and engraved nameplate.
  • Attending to all the necessary arrangements and providing staff for the Service.
  • Supplying a hearse to meet the family at the nearest Crematorium or Cemetery.
  • A contribution is included towards third party costs which include doctors fees for cremation, ministers fees, cemetery or crematorium fees or church fees.

The Dorset Funeral Plans Avon.

The most popular plan option, covering what most people expect from a traditional plan. It adds:

  • Removal of the deceased within a 50-mile radius of their premises at any time, day or night.
  • Care of the deceased following the wishes of the family, including facilities for viewing in our Chapel of Rest.
  • Supply of a veneered oak coffin mounted with handles for either burial or cremation, wreath holders and engraved nameplate, double-lined with interior lining, frills and silk pillows. The deceased may be dressed in a gown or their own clothing.
  • Attending to all necessary arrangements and providing a full complement of staff for the Funeral Service.
  • Supplying a hearse and one limousine. The cortege can leave from a private address before the Funeral Service at a local Church if required, then proceeding to a local Crematorium, Churchyard or Cemetery.
  • Listing of all charitable donations.

The Dorset Funeral Plans Oak.

This plan provides services expected for a woodland burial with a few variations to the Avon plan. The plot, as usual, is paid for at the time by the family unless they already own it.

  • Supply of a simple wood effect coffin (Bamboo and Willow coffins are also available – these are alternatives at additional cost). These are compliant with environmental considerations and suitable for Woodland Burials.
  • The cortege can leave from a private address before the Funeral Service at a local Church if required and then proceed to the Woodland Burial ground.

The Dorset Funeral Plans Stour.

This plan provides enhanced service and adds:

  • The supply of a superior veneered oak coffin with raised lid and paneled sides mounted with handles for either burial or cremation, wreath holders and engraved nameplate, double-lined with best interior lining, frills and silk pillows.
  • Supply of two limousines.

Dorset Select Reserve

If you wish to adapt one of their standard funeral plans to your own specific requirements, they can personalise a plan to reflect your exact wishes. As can most other funeral plan providers.

The Dorset Funeral Plans Direct Cremation is £2,207.  Rather a lot of money for a direct cremation!