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Funeral Plan Providers.

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Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Determined to do your own funeral plan research?  There are many non-mainstream funeral plan providers, so we’ll add them to this page with comments.  More information is welcome – please use the funeral plan review contact form.

The Age UK Funeral Plan is a Dignity Funeral Plan. is the website of an undertaker who seem to promote the products of just one prepaid funeral provider (unlike us!)

Homage International Repatriation Funeral Plan (Uk) Ltd seem to concentrate on selling whole of life insurance policies to people living in the UK but expecting to return home at some time in the future.  We’re not keen on life insurance type plans, but in this situation they do make sense.  Homage International seem to sell proper life insurance policies which do at least return some cash after a while if you cancel them.  This is in stark contrast to many do called life insurance funeral plans in the UK where you just lose all your contributions if you stop paying.   That’s all we could gather from the Homage International website. in their own words “Focusing 100% on the best funeral plan prices, benefits and terms available from INSURANCE plan providers in the UK”.   We at the Prepaid Funeral Review generally dislike insurance based plans except in unusual circumstances. Around 90% of funeral plans sold are, sadly, insurance based!

The Skipton Funeral Plan, from the Skipton Building Society is just a Dignity Funeral Plan.

Which Funeral looks independent but the choice is restricted to Avalon Funeral Plans and seems to be owned by them.

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