Funeral Plans Other Than the Big Names

Funeral Plans – other ones not listed.

Funeral Plans Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Most of these plan are just versions of other plans with a different cover.  Do let us know if you find any others! And remember that there is only ONE good reason for being agents for a SINGLE plan provider – making more money.  A single firm will never be best for everyone, it will always mean compromise on the “advice.”

  • Diabetes UK Insurance Services – offer a Dignity Plan through their insurance broker, Heath Lambert.
  • Staysure Plan – another Dignity Funeral Plans.
  • The Skipton Plan – from guess who!
  • Advant~Age Plan – Golden Charter.
  • Legal & General – yet another  Dignity Plan– I wouldn’t want Dignity’s print bill!
  • Heritage Guaranteed Plan – from Planning Services who underwrite dozens of smallish plan.
  • Daily Telegraph Plan – also Dignity Plan.

However, Safe Hands also offer “own branding” to agents who sell significant numbers of plan, so there will soon be hundreds of “new” plan on the market!

Funeral Plans other than the big names