Green Funeral Plan – Eco Funerals in Advance

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Golden Leaves Green plan is similar to the main providers have been able to offer eco funerals as part of a bespoke plan. But that is where our expertise comes in knowing which plan providers offer the ecologically sound funeral plan which suits your needs.

At our end, there can be quite a lot of work sorting out a green plan.  (Not that you have to pay us!)  There are just so many permutations of environmentally friendly funeral bonds.  A couple (already) offer pre-packaged green ceremonies (see below.)  That doesn’t mean they are the most suitable eco funeral for you.  Why not have a chat with our green prepaid expert?

If you want some idea, Golden Leaves has just turned green into a neat package. There are all sorts of other options of course, but we must applaud Golden Leaves for pushing into this expanding section of the market.

The ultimate green funeral plan – Golden Leaves sales pitch!

The launch of a new, ecologically-friendly green plan means, people in the UK will be able to arrange and pay for an environmentally plan service.  This will help to save the environment (and relatives’ cash) as funeral costs continue to rise far faster than normal inflation.

Green funeral plan
Environmentally Friendly Plans.

Developed by Golden Leaves with eco-coffin manufacturer JC Atkinson, ‘The Ultimate Green Plan’ aims to meet a rising demand for tailored, ecologically responsible, pre-arranged plans. While green funerals have been steadily gaining popularity, the Golden Leaves plan takes the concept a step further.

The Green Funeral Plans offers several options

  • Eco coffins.
  • Carbon rebalancing.
  • Woodland conservation.
  • Rain forest protection.
  • The option to help to charitable ecological projects.

All planned, arranged and paid for in advance, so you know that your wishes will be carried out.

Green Funeral Plan Launches: ENQUIRY

Funds are invested in Golden Leaves Green Trust Fund, which unsurprisingly invests in green and ethical investments. As the cost of funerals continues to rise, buying a funeral plan guarantees directors’ costs are kept at today’s prices.  This helps protect remaining family members from shouldering an unexpected and substantial extra financial burden at a tough time.

Contributions to third-party costs such as cemetery or cremation fees and the purchase of a burial plot in a cemetery or woodland burial ground can be added to the plan if you wish.

Golden Leaves Green Funeral Plans say, “The Ultimate Green Funeral Plan allows you to say goodbye in a way that is kind to the environment and kind to those you leave behind. You can take comfort in the knowledge that every aspect of the service has been carefully considered for its ethical correctness and environmental impact.”

A recent survey commissioned by Golden Leaves found that over four in ten adults want to be buried or have their ashes scattered in the countryside, or in a natural woodland setting, rather than ending up in a typical graveyard.

And now there is a Green Funeral Plan which caters for you especially without the need to put together a bespoke package – though some will enjoy that!   Here are some more details of the Golden Leaves eco funeral plans:

Golden Leaves Environmental Range:

Choose from one of the following plans. Glade      Meadow  Woodland 
Funeral Director’s professional services.
Advice on funeral registration, documentation and certification.
Local removal from place of death to funeral director’s premises
(within 25 miles).
Working Hrs 24 Hrs 24 Hrs
Care of deceased prior to funeral / Hygienic treatments (excludes Embalming).
Chapel of Rest available for family and friends to visit.
Veneer coffin.
Bamboo coffin.
Pine / Willow / Wool / Reflections coffin.
Carbon replacement.
Community Legacy (donation to Groundwork).
Natural Memorial (choice of Option A, B or C).
Attendance of conductor and four pallbearers on day of funeral.
Provision of hearse for service at Crematorium/Cemetery.
Provision of one limousine.
Provision of two limousines.
Full listing of floral tributes.
Thank you cards.
Bereavement counselling (where available).
Disbursements* Available at extra cost.

Green Funeral Plan