Perfect Choice Funeral Plans Reviewed 2021 – a New Direction

Summary: Perfect Choice Funeral Plans* – the perfect choice?

A decent set of plans, which seem to have been designed for funeral directors as much as clients, and perhaps more. We have just been sent the latest Perfect Choice Funeral Plan brochure, which at last puts to bed the confusion!  They clearly are still alive and kicking, so we have updated the Review to reflect what is happening at the moment.

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Perfect Choice Review:  there is no easy way for us to review their plans as they seem to now be priced by each individual funeral director.  Even within a single town, prices can vary by 60% of more, so if you get an inexpensive undertaker, it might be competitive.  All we can really say is get a quote and let us check to see if it is reasonable as against the dozens of competitors!

As we understand it, the plan is effectively sponsored by the trade association the National Perfect Choice Funeral PlansAssociation of Funeral Directors and largely sold by their members.  We like Ecclesiastical (who hold the money) but are concerned about the portability of plans set up by individual funeral directors. Clearly, changing funeral directors must be possible, but the new one may not be happy to accept the old one’s prices. So we can foresee the odd issue there, under clause 3.5 of their Terms of Business ESPS103/0716. We can see that this is fair to funeral directors, but it is not so good for plan holders.  “The plan is guaranteed to cover the funeral director’s costs listed in the plan details as long as your requirements don’t change and the original firm carries out your funeral.”  That would seem to mean that you will have to ask them nicely if you can move without them asking for more money. Amazing! Fair enough if you change your requirements, but just moving? But that is not much comfort if you suddenly find the original firm disappears or you move to an area where the only funeral director charges twice as much.

The following were prices back in 2018 when it seemed that they were national, so they do NOT necessarily reflect what you will be quoted. On these prices, we can find you a plan with fully guaranteed third party costs (as detailed) in most cases at a lower cost.

The following 3 plans allow for cremation only. Each one carries an allowance of £1,150* towards third party costs – cremation, doctors fees and minister or celebrant. That isn’t bad, though some offer an extra £50 or so, but some offer far less.

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans Basic Plan.* – £2,535

This leaves a substantial amount to be paid by the family – cremation or burial fees, doctors fees and minister/ celebrant fees all have to be paid for by the family. Essentially covers the basic funeral directors costs and no more.   It is much more expensive than some comparable plans. And you have to bear in mind the rather strange issues over making changes. It may come as news to Perfect Choice Funeral Plans, but people do move. Funeral directors also get sold or go out of business. We do not recommend this type of plan in most cases, as it is a funeral plan which doesn’t pay for the funeral.  Not a criticism of the Perfect Choice option, just a general comment on the type of plan.  The next one is what we would call a “proper” funeral plan.

The Perfect Choice Simple Plan* – £3,605

and adds an allowance of £1150 towards for Doctors fees, Minister or officiants fees and the cost of cremation. A hundred fifty pounds more than some others. But viewing the deceased would be an extra cost, which is included in the next plan up.

The Perfect Choice Traditional Plan is from – £3,915*

As far as we can see, it just adds the ability for the family to view the body. Again, significantly more expensive than the most competitive plans.  We would assume that this plan includes a limousine.

Perfect Choice Burial Plan.

has to be made up on an individual basis. Most firms have a standard price. The burial plot is always a different matter, and has to be dealt with separately.

We hope this information, gathered from their website, is correct.  That is more than we can say for all of their own information. We strongly suggest that they review it for serious mistakes, and you should be careful to cross check it. Information as at 17/10/2018.

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