Pride Funeral Plans Reviewed 2022: Good, Bad, Indifferent?

Pride Funeral Plans
Pride Planning Ltd.

Pride Funeral Plans Reviewed 2022

Withdrew their application for FCA authorisation.
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The rest becomes irrelevant unless they resubmit.

They are relatively new in the prepaid plan market.  They have in place all the usual protections for your money though, so that shouldn’t be an issue.  It is all about value for money and whether their plans are the best fit for your wishes – which is where the Prepaid Funeral Review Research Team can help – just call us on 0800 0588 240 or use the form to the right.

We haven’t really come to a verdict on Pride Funeral Plans. Their plans are reasonable.  The only obvious negative is that their cancellation charges are more than many – but why would anyone buy a funeral plan to cancel it?

But back to their plans and how they are set up. Theirs is a Trust type arrangement.

Funeral Plans are not all the sameThe Pride Planning Funeral Plans Trust is held by Barclays bank and is managed by an independent panel of qualified Trustees who, along with independent key professionals to include; International fund manager Investec and Quilter Cheviot, qualified Actuary Rowanmoor, award-winning Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors Kay Johnson Gee (KJG LLP), and one of the UK’s top law firms Pinsent Solicitors, manage the Trust’s funds on behalf of our plan holders and safeguard future payments to Funeral Directors.

The purpose of the Pride Funeral Plans Trust is to safeguard client money and is independent to the plan provider Pride Plans. By being so, client money is totally safeguarded, and when the time comes, the Funeral Directors will receive prompt payment direct from the Trust.

Pride Plans currently has a range of four prepaid plans.  Prices are at January 2020.

  • Practical at £2,595

This is the same sort of halfway house offered by most providers.  It is important to realise that this type of plan makes no allowance at all for third-party costs.  It just pays the basic costs of the funeral director, which at least relieves the family of that.  At the moment, third party costs are usually around one-third of the cost, which is where their next plan up comes in.  If you can’t afford the cost of a full funeral plan, it is still better to have two-thirds of one – but the family need to understand what you have set up.

  • Simplified at £3,595

The Pride Planning Simplified Plan adds a £1,000 (indexed by CPI) allowance towards third-party costs.

  • Essential at £3,945

This adds a limousine for the family and a full listing of floral tributes to the Simplicity Plan.

  • Pride Plus at £4,195

This adds a better coffin and an extra limousine to the Essential plan.

All the Pride Funeral Plans include:

  • Attending to the arrangements.
  • Advising on certification and registration.
  • Making funeral preparations.
  • The funeral directors professional services.
  • Removing the deceased to the undertakers premises within 20 miles during working hours.

Pride Planning plans reviewed.

Pride Planning Ltd Companies House Record showing ownership and profit and loss – though it is important to realise that these bear no relation to the Trust Fund. Clearly the company is legitimate: we don’t know why people would think otherwise, though some searchers seem to have concerns.