Silver Clouds Funeral Plans Reviewed 2022 Verdict?

Silver Clouds Funeral Plans Reviewed May 2022:


Sadly, the FCA bureacracy is closing down another brilliant, well funded firm. This is what Silver Clouds say:

Funeral Plan companies and sales of funeral plans are to be regulated by the Financial Contact Authority (FCA) from 29th July 2022. Although it was our intention to become regulated and indeed our company had already submitted our application to the FCA we have now decided to withdraw this application as we feel this will best suit and protect our plan holders better in the future. 
We have not made this decision lightly. Being a smaller, ethical company who have always worked in the best interests of our clients we feel this decision will if anything strengthen existing funeral plan contracts as these are likely to be transferred to a more established and larger resourced funeral plan company. 
We feel this decision is a positive move and our existing plan holders should not be concerned about their current purchases or whether their funeral plan contracts will be upheld. Contracts are not being changed and funerals will still take place under current terms. If you are an existing plan holder, we know you may have seen negative reports in the press regarding other funeral plan companies but please do not be concerned about Silver Clouds plans. Our company is well funded as is our Trust fund. 
Clients, monies are currently held within the secure and independent environment of the Silver Clouds Trust. . The Trust’s investments are managed by Brewin Dolphin who are a specialist UK investment company, regulated by the FCA. The investments are reviewed constantly and are stable so enabling plan claims to be settled quickly and efficiently. . 
We feel that moving forward and after regulation that this would put our clients in a more positive position and plan holders would be better suited to be brought under a larger operation. We are currently in talks with a number of suitable companies. 
Silver Clouds although a successful business has always been run on tight margins and within a very automated and structured environment. This method of operation has enabled us to keep our costs down and offer very competitive prices. Although this has proved very positive for the company and for our clients the extra costs involved in regulation are considerable and we do not feel it will be viable for our company to remain in this marketplace and still be competitive in its current form. 
We are reviewing our position generally with regard to making an application for authorisation in the future. The FCA have informed us that we would be welcome to submit a new application. 
We shall be happy to answer any questions for existing plan holders or their nominated representatives. As we are expecting increased contact from plan holders due to our statement we would therefore ask that an email be sent to as the quickest option to contact us. 
We would like to thank all of our plan holders, agents, funeral directors and staff for their considerable support since our formation in 2016 based upon our simple ethos of wanting to provide ethically structured and sold funeral plans at the most competitive prices. “

silver clouds funeral plansSilver Clouds Funeral have a new range of plans on offer. As such, they have more ability to modernise their plans than some.  You may consider that an advantage or a disadvantage! They have a wide range of plans ranging from Direct Cremation up to the Diamond Plan with funeral directors services, viewing if required, hearse, 2 limousines, a posher coffin and 4 bearers (and not just two) and a trolley plus an indexed allowance for third party costs – crematorium/ burial fees, doctor, minister or celebrants fees.


An interesting range of flexible plans from a growing provider.
Contact us to see if they are right for your circumstances.

The other Silver Clouds Funeral Plans are:

  • The Platinum Plan

This offers the same as the Diamond Plan but with a single limo and a normal coffin.

  • The Gold Plan

Comes with two bearers and no following limo.

  • The Silver Plan

Is effectively a starter plan for those who either can’t afford a full plan or perhaps are topping up one of the Over 50s Plans.  It does NOT include anything towards the third party costs.  What it does do is to pay the funeral directors fees.  So it is a good start.

These plans literally involve the undertaking the deceased away for cremation without any family involvement.

The Silver Clouds Funeral Plans Trust Fund.

The Silver Clouds Trust is totally ring-fenced from Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Ltd and is run by Independent Trustees. The trust company has no financial connection with Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Ltd. 

Funds to pay for the funeral can only be released by the Trustees, this means that your money is fully protected under strict professional Trust rules.  The purpose of the trust is to protect and grow payments from plan holders. This investment process is regularly reviewed to make sure growth is attained but in a controlled way. 

No money is placed in a high-risk investment such as stocks and shares, the Trust mainly invests in Government Bonds and Secure Corporate Bonds which are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Regular checks are also carried out by Independent Accountants and Actuaries to make sure that the funds are adequate to pay for future funerals. 

Whether plans are by instalments or in full, all are paid directly into The Silver Clouds Trust and not to Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Ltd.  This protects your investment and makes sure that it is invested in accordance with the long-term investment plan controlled by the independent board of trustees and not the directors of Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Ltd. 

Payment for the funeral will only be made to the funeral director when the board of trustees receives the relevant legal documentation from them, a further protection. 

Prices start from £2450 – Contact Us for more information:

More Information on Silver Cloud Plans:

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