Society of Will Writers Funeral Plan Review 2021

The Society of Will Writers Funeral Plan – launched February 2021:

The Society of Will Writers is the major regulator of Will Writers in the UK.  Inevitably, Wills and funeral plans tend to go together, so the SWW have launched their own range of funeral plans in conjunction with The Alternative Planning Company Ltd and Funeral Partners (who actually own The Alternative Planning Company).

Society members have free choice as to which plans to recommend, and many of them are members of our Best Funeral Plans Service which allows them to make recommendations based on our extensive market research.

Much as we admire the Society of Will Writers, we are not especially keen on what we have seen so far, but we don’t have full information.    An initial review indicates that the plans are more expensive than many of their competitors and have a very substantial cancellation fee after 30 days.

The three plans on offer are:

Society of Will Writers Canterbury Funeral Plan.

This plan is for a simple cremation or burial with the funeral director meeting the family there. It does not allow prior viewing.  The funeral directors direct fees are covered, and an allowance made towards third party costs.  That allowance is more than average but some are a little better and considerably cheaper.

Society of Will Writers Lincoln Funeral Plan.

This adds slightly posher coffin, family viewing of the deceased prior to the funeral, a procession from home if required and one limousine for the family, plus a listing of flowers and donations.

Society of Will Writers Salisbury Funeral Plan.

An even posher coffin and one more limousine – so there are two limousines for the family.

All of the plans work via a whole of life policy, and funerals will normally be carried out by a branch of Funeral Partners.   For some reason the company insist that the plan is not transferable without their express agreement.  That may not be a problem, but many companies are perfectly happy for plans to be transferred to pay for the funeral of a family member or friend who has died without a funeral plan.   We have no reason to suppose they will be difficult.

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