Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die

The Doyenne of Death on Radio Show talks on:

Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die.

Gail Rubin


Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Author, A Good Goodbye

Gail Rubin, author of the groundbreaking book, “A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die”, was interviewed on the popular “Coping with Caregiving” Internet radio program. Rubin shares upbeat advice on how to get a difficult conversation started.

The show featured four healthcare professionals.  To listen in, simply click the link.

Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die

Rubin is an American Event Planner who specialises in funerals. Whilst her ideas are clearly from “over the pond” they are well worth a listen for all that.

As the author of “Matchings, Hatchings and Dispatchings,” her columns on death elicited the greatest reader response, indicating a pressing need for information on the topic. She started The Family Plot Blog (, a chipper online resource to provide the information, inspiration and tools to pre-plan a healing and meaningful funeral or memorial service. Her book and website provide everything you never knew you needed to know about funeral planning.

The host of the popular 8-year old program, Jacqueline Marcell, took care of her parents who had Alzheimer, compelling her to dedicate her life to eldercare awareness and reform. She is an international speaker and author of the best-selling book, “Elder Rage”,

It is our view at the Prepaid Funeral Review that people need to be open to new ideas on how to make a funeral a positive experience, and preplanning can help.

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