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Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Our unbiased funeral plan comparisons site is designed to help you – with some help from our experts – choose the right funeral plan for your specific needs and situation.  We compare funeral plan costs. But equally importantly, we compare the differences between funeral

Funeral Plans Comparison
Comparing Funeral Plans

plans will not be obvious to anyone who hasn’t spent a great deal of time analysing the small print – and some of them really do not compare well!   So it is not just about comparing funeral plan prices, there is far more to it.  And did I mention that we can give a bonus with most plans, which may be worth as much as £595?

Funeral Plans Comparison – How to?

Anyone can compare plans. These are the steps:

  1. Gain a thorough understanding of the jargon before you start.
  2. After that, it does take a considerable amount of time and a great deal of patience to find all the providers, get and check their literature.
  3. Then you have to set up matrix to compare the funeral plans on! 
  4. Analyse all the literature and especially the terms and conditions.
  5. Compare each plan for  what is and what is not included.  As we have said, some miss out vital elements like the funeral!
  6. Compare plan prices and what they cover.
  7. Make a comparison of plan guarantees.
  8. Consider the reputation of each firm.
  9. Are the precautions they have taken to protect your money satisfactory?

Bear in mind that it isn’t just comparing funeral plan prices, of course. Trouble is, by the time you’ve finished, some of them will have changed.   A bit like the Forth road bridge really! If you are retired, very analytical and have nothing better to do for a month, you will be able create a proper plans comparison.  But we’ve beaten you to it!

To have a look at how our funeral plans comparison can help you click the link and download our enquiry form or give us a call.   You won’t regret it.

How much will all this work in creating your personal funeral plan price and features comparison cost you?

Not a bean! It doesn’t cost you anything to have the benefit of our independent advice on comparing plan costs.  And don’t forget the features – many people buy plans which were never even intended to pay for the funeral! Chances are we can offer you a better deal than going direct.  We always offer a bonus if we can, we want you to recommend us to your friends!

So why not benefit from all the work we put into creating and maintaining our own internal plans comparison matrix.  All we ask it that, if you accept our recommendation,  the plan is arranged through us, so if there is any compensation going, we get it!   Hopefully, you will agree that is fair.  And in the unlikely event that  you find the plan our funeral plan comparison and discussions recommend should be available cheaper (overall) elsewhere at the time, we’ll refund up to the full amount of our compensation.

The cost of not getting expert advice when comparing funeral plan prices..

Could be very substantial – we are talking £1,000+++ and potentially lots of needless hassle for those left.   So when you are ready to buy your plan,  our Funeral Plan experts will have a chat with you to discuss any questions you may have, and to make sure we fully understand what you want.  Once that is all agreed, we’ll do any final research needed, then send you out the necessary forms, ready to sign.  Job done! Unless you have any further questions, or decide you want something different (we are very patient – it can be a hard decision.) But don’t delay, prices are moving up far more rapidly than general inflation (more than 10 times the rate at the time of writing!)  So the earlier you set your plan up, the lower the cost.

Funeral Plans Comparison