Family Funeral Plans for Couples or Joint Funeral Plans

Family Funeral Plans for couples
Joint Prepaid Funeral Plans

Family Funeral or joint funeral plans for couples (or even whole families) aren’t a problem, because we know where to look.  Some providers offer the option of a single joint plan which can be used by whoever dies first.   Some charge extra, some don’t. Even if you want two plans, a joint funeral plan is a good start if you can’t afford two in one go.  Or pay in full for one, with the second on instalments.  We also know which plans will enable you to use a Family Funeral Plan for any member of the extended family who may need the benefit of a funeral which has already been paid for.  When things go wrong unexpectedly, that can be a massive comfort. Much better to have a shared plan than none! Saves the credit card being brought into action – undertakers bills are the biggest single item on credit cards, we’re told.

We are not for a moment saying that individual plans are not better, just that we realise that not every family member (or common law family member) will be able to afford their own plan.   So it makes sense to invest in a plan which has that flexibility built in, just in case.  And that is one of the focuses of our research.

Joint Funeral Plans for Couples.

Partners, husband and wife, people living together etc can buy a single plan between them which is used to pay for the cremation/ burial of the first of the couple to die.   This lessens the financial issues for the first to go, as there often won’t usually be cash to pay the funeral. When the second person dies, the estate can bear the cost, though there would be pressure on family members to pay long before the finances of the estate are sorted out. With some shared funeral plans, the plan can be used for any family member – or even a friend.

A flexible or joint plan can be a real benefit when a family member dies unexpectedly; with many companies, it doesn’t need to be the original purchasers.

If you can afford the second funeral plan for couples later on – or perhaps by using instalment payments – so much the better.  But at least a joint funeral plan gets you protected.

In an ideal world, couples would each have a funeral plan, but that is twice the cost of a single plan, of course! At least we offer a best price guarantee and (in most cases) a substantial bonus. Call us and check what is available on 0800 0588 240 – leave a message out of hours or if we are on the line already, we will get back to you. Or use the enquiry form to the right —>

But as we said, some funeral plans have a special option not many people know about where a couple can take out just one plan.  They may be called joint funeral plans, couples funeral plans, first death funeral plans etc.  They are used when the first of them dies, so the surviving partner doesn’t have to worry about the funeral expenses.   If the cash is available, the survivor can then take out another funeral plan, but if not it can just be paid from the estate on the survivors’ death. Clearly, if there is a delay between buying the first (joint) plan and the second one, prices may well have risen substantially.

Family Funeral Plans.

Joint funeral plans can just be a single plan, but in close-knit families, multiple plans are ideal. It may well be a combination of one person buying a plan straight out, and others getting together to buy a plan in instalments.   At the time of writing a good basic prepaid family funeral plan can be bought for around £32 a month over 10 years – divided between 2 people, that is £16 a month.  For 4 people it is just £8.  Much better value than insurance products which may not have any inflation protection or where everything is lost if payments are missed. And older folk are less likely to spot banking problems in time.

Plans for Couples need NOT be twice the price.

We feel Family Funeral Plans are a really useful option for couples who can’t stretch to the cost of two separate plans.  So if it appeals, or you want to look to see if you can manage the cost of two separate plans, please get in touch.

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