Funeral Plans Scotland 2021 A Tricky Area

WARNING Funeral Plans Scotland – careful research needed.

Funeral Plans Scotland
Funeral Plans in Scotland

Funeral Plans in Scotland are a dangerous purchase without careful research.  At The Prepaid Funeral Review, we aim to keep an eye on the plans available in the UK, and the situation for Scots wishing to save via a prepaid plan is especially concerning.

Why do Scots have special problems in buying prepaid plans?  The root of the matter is that much of Scotland is sparsely populated.   So, simply because some of the prepaid plan providers selling in Scotland don’t actually have enough funeral directors in Scotland, Scots have a problem.   The result of a Scot investing in the wrong prepaid plan could be that the actual cremation might have to be held many miles away, to the great inconvenience of all concerned.

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

There could also be issues where folk wish to view the body, with the nearest Chapel of Rest belonging to the specific funeral planning organisation perhaps being once again many miles away.  Not to mention the time taken to collect the deceased.   So when you ring us or fill in prepaid funeral plan enquiry form, the address and postcode are rather important!  If you are keen to go ahead, give us a ring on CLOSED.

Many Scots will already have fallen for the offer of a free Marks and Spencer voucher, or a carriage clock and take out so called “funeral plan insurance.”   To be fair, most of the providers have realised that that name is wildly misleading as most pay out a fixed sum which might appear adequate when you take it out. But with funeral inflation running at nearly 3 times normal inflation it will probably pay for less than half of the funeral after five or six years – and rapidly get worse.

Buying plans in Scotland is much trickier than in most parts of the UK.

So why not take advantage of the research we have already carried out (and keep updated) as the UK’s leading independent plan broker.

Our service enable Scots to get a plan tailored to their own requirements, rather than a plan carefully tailored to the available resources of the prepaid plan provider.

Scots – the choice is yours – take a chance or contact The Prepaid Funeral Review for plans in Scotland.

Please note that the vouchers may be less useful to Scots than some – but you can pass them on to friends or relatives south of the border if you can’t use them.

Funeral Plans Scotland.