Funeral Plans the Cheapest Option in the UK…

Prepaid Funeral Plans for single people – another interesting development.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Single people can organise funeral plans in just the same way as others folk.  But there are some specialist ones which are very low cost and could appeal to a section of the market.   With these very low-cost plans, we can’t afford to give away all of our normal £200 bonus package as the margins are very, very slim!

This type of plan might be useful when family and friends live too far away to be able to organise or attend.  Perhaps the children live abroad, maybe the parent is in a Care Home, and things are being run under a power of attorney.

And should you be under 50, we can advise on funeral plans for single (or married) people of any age, unlike many firms, because we are independent and research the market.

But most single people will want more conventional plans where friends and family can be involved.

The low-cost plans offer:

  • NO Family involvement.
  • NO Viewing for family and friends to say goodbye.
  • NO form of service.
  • NO burial – cremation only.
  • NO religious observation.
  • NO ability to donate the plan to a friend or relative who can’t afford one.
  • NO local cremation – costs may be kept low by using whichever crematorium is cheapest at the time.

So the majority of single people an enquiry for us to recommend the most suitable conventional funeral plans would be more appropriate.

Very Low-Cost Funeral Plans for Single People.

These funeral plans are not for everyone but imagine you are single, have no relatives within a reasonable distance and don’t want a memorial service.  If that were the case, you might want a low-cost funeral plan where you are just whisked away to a crematorium (not necessarily local) and (if you wish) your ashes can be available.   Very far from being suitable for everyone, but I can see a place for it, but please be sure that it won’t upset family and friends before you ask us to advise on this sort of inexpensive funeral plan.  We will be pleased to review your situation with you.

If you are after this specialist form of funeral plans for single people, please do give us a call on 0800 0588 240 or use our quotes page.