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Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral plans in Spain are of even greater consequence than in the UK.  Many Brits are now living and dying in Spain, so funeral plains for Spain also useable in  the UK are of considerable importance.

In Spain, the death of a loved one is treated rather differently than in the UK.  Often funerals take place less than 2 days after death.  This makes it hard for family and friends who would wish to be at the ceremony if they have to travel from as far away as the UK.

Funeral Plans Spain

Specific Spanish Funeral protocols has to be followed after a death. The proper authorities have to be informed and are automatically dealt with if in hospital or a care facility. However, if not then the local police and a forensic Judge will be called to remove the body.

Bank accounts are usually frozen making it very difficult to get the funds to pay for the funeral – without funeral plans for Spain in place. Obviously this is a very stressful time for anyone involved and not speaking the language or understanding procedure can only make matters worse.

Bear in mind that this is PR for Golden Leaves Funeral Plans Spain and UK – click the link to get out booklet and the offer of free independent advice on the most appropriate funeral plans – Spain and the UK.

Golden Leaves Pre Paid Funeral Plans for Spain can be purchased at a fixed price and the cost is not influenced by age or medical conditions. Once a plan is taken out we will nominate funeral directors of your choice or otherwise the nearest one to your home and the plan covers both the UK and Spain.

When a member dies, one telephone call needs to be made to the 24 hour helpline for everything to be taken care of. Funeral Plans Spain and UK can be bought by a lump sum or monthly instalments. A recent survey has shown that the cost of a Spanish funeral has increase by over 25% in the last 5 years. If you have money put on one side, will it be sufficient to cover the cost? Will you savings account interest amount to 25% after tax over 5 years (Ed: I’ll give you a clue – NO WAY!  UK funeral inflation is running at 8.7% in 2012.)

Benefits of having Golden Leaves pre paid funeral plan for Spain & UK:

• For peace of mind, only one telephone call required.

• The funeral you want is 100% guaranteed.

• No hidden future costs for your relatives to deal with.

• Experience in Spanish Funerals for expats.

• 24 Hour help line.

• Automatic acceptance: no age or health restrictions.

• Choice of payment plans.

• Dual country funeral plans Spain & UK.